5 Essential Tips To Improve Your Running Form

When it comes to finding a workout that is affordable, and has multiple benefits, running fits the bill. Not only is it free, if you prefer running outside, but it has been scientifically proven to improve your mood, stamina and reduce the risk of cancer. Unfortunately, if not done right, running can also lead to a lot of injuries. Here are a few ways you can improve your form and keep your workout enjoyable.


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Don’t skip the warm-up and cool-down

No matter how experienced you are, it’s never a good idea to start a run without a warm-up. It’s important to loosen the muscles before running, to reduce the risk of injuries. It also increases your speed because the muscles are more pliable. The cool down brings the heart rate back down slowly and prevents fainting by ensuring the brain continues to receive enough oxygen and blood. http://www.yourfitnessfaq.com/why-is-it-important-to-warm-up-and-cool-down-in-a-workout.html can tell you more about the benefits of warming up and cooling down.

Your feet should land under your body

Sometimes when people start running they try to increase their speed by over-reaching with their feet and creating an aggressive impact with the ground that sends too much shock throughout the leg. Instead, you should aim to put your foot underneath your hips when you run, reducing the impact to the legs and resulting in a smoother stride. You should also try to avoid landing on the arch of your foot to prevent hurting yourself.

Improve your strength

Runners can develop muscle imbalances that actually create more more work for the body. The best way to resolve this is to add exercises to your workout that activate and strengthen muscles that are usually inactive. Try including lunges, a plank or push-ups either in a warm up or cool down.

Check your breathing

When the dreaded stitch interrupts your run, slow down and check your breathing. The faster you run, the more oxygen your body needs so you should be inhaling deeply and exhaling quickly if you’re trying to increase your speed, a bit like how swimmers breathe. For more tips on how to stop or prevent a stitch altogether, check out: http://www.runnersworld.com/ask-coach-jenny/four-ways-to-stop-the-dreaded-side-stitch

Practice, practice, practice

Once you’ve perfected the running techniques to the point where you’re no longer at risk of hurting yourself, the best way to improve your form is to keep moving, no matter the weather. If you live someplace where jogging outside is not ideal, and you have the space for it, why not look into running in the comfort of your home. Sites such as http://homegymheaven.com/best-treadmills-for-running/ have researched the best treadmills to buy in 2017, so you have all the information you need before you make the decision. At the end of the day, running can be a relaxing and stimulating workout, if you just put the effort into it. Once you’ve made it a habit, it shouldn’t be long before you start reaping the benefits.



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