8 Simple Steps To Achieve Beautiful Spring Skin

Spring is all about fresh faces and minimal makeup. Now is the time to show off your glowing complexion and let your natural beauty do the talking. If you’ve got problem skin, or you’re not confident enough to bare all, follow these eight steps. These top tips will help to boost your self-esteem, and give your skin a gorgeous glow.


  1. Learn to look after your skin

Your skin is resilient, and it can handle a lot of wear and tear. However, it needs a little TLC from time to time. Learning to look after your skin will ensure that it looks and feels soft and smooth for years to come. It’s never too early to take steps to protect your skin.


Ideally, you should stick to a daily skin care regime. Cleanse, tone and moisturise once a day and never go to bed with your makeup on. Sleeping in last night’s foundation will clog up your pores and make you prone to spots. Take a second to run a cleansing wipe over your face before you climb into bed.


In the winter months, when your skin is exposed to the elements, you may need to use a thicker, richer moisturiser. In the summer, go for lighter products, which enable your skin to breathe.


Good skin care for your face

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  1. Wear sunscreen

Wearing sun lotion is one of the most important commandments for healthy, youthful skin. The sun’s UV rays can be incredibly damaging, especially for fair skin. The sun can burn your skin, but is also leads to premature ageing. If you spend a lot of time in the sun, you may find that you develop lines and wrinkles earlier than expected. Your skin may also feel dry. If you’re going outside, even on a cloudy summer’s day, it’s beneficial to wear sun cream. Apply liberally and make sure you cover every part of your body that is exposed. Use a high factor if you burn easily and avoid the midday sun, when the rays are at their strongest. If you feel your skin burning, or you notice redness, move into the shade.



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  1. Choose products carefully

Skin care products can have wonderful benefits for your complexion, but it;s important to buy the right ones. Do you have oily, combination, or dry skin? Match the products you buy to your skin type and look out for saviours for common problems. You can buy all kinds of lotions and potions to hide dark circles, or even out skin tone, for example. Check out brands like Platinum Skin Care to tackle problem skin.


Buying skin care products can be a minefield. Often, it’s best to ask for recommendations, especially if you have very sensitive skin or you have conditions, such as acne.


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  1. Keep hydrated

Drinking water is essential for healthy, clear skin. When you’re dehydrated, your skin will look dull and dry and it may crack. Try and drink at least two litres of water every day. Drink alcohol in moderation and increase your fluid intake on hot days and after exercise.


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  1. Add skin superfoods to your diet

Your diet plays an important role when it comes to your health. Adding certain foods can boost the aesthetic of your skin, and promote cell renewal. Skin superfoods include oily fish, avocados and nuts, which are sources of essential fats and selenium. Fruit and vegetables are also excellent for your skin. Aim for five different portions every day. If you’re struggling to hit your target, make smoothies or juices at home and add vegetables to soups, salads and pasta sauces. Try and vary the foods you eat and go for a range of different colours. This will ensure that you get a broad spectrum of vitamins and minerals. On the flip side, make an effort to avoid processed, fried foods.


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  1. Give up smoking

This may not be simple, but it will make a significant difference to your skin. Smoking leads to dehydration, slow healing and premature ageing. If you smoke, you’re likely to develop lines and wrinkles before non-smokers and your skin may also look tired and drab. Giving up smoking isn’t easy, but it is possible. Write down a list of reasons you want to quit and carry it around with you. Learn about the health benefits of quitting. Set a date and throw away any tobacco or cigarettes you have in the house. Switch up your normal routine, and avoid going to places you would normally smoke. Think positively and stay strong. Keep a record of how much you would have spent on cigarettes and use the money to treat yourself or your family. Take advantage of local stop smoking services and get friends and family to try and quit with you.


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  1. Skin treats

After busy days at work, a holiday in the sun or a chilly winter, it’s a good idea to treat your skin. Book a relaxing facial and lie back and enjoy. There are lots of different facials available and you can choose a treatment, which best reflects your skin’s needs. In the winter, for example, you may opt for a nourishing facial. In the summer, you might prefer a hydrating treatment. If you’re on a budget, you can buy DIY facial kits to pamper yourself at home. Get the girls around and make a night of it.


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  1. Exercise

Most of us are aware of the benefits of exercise for our heart and lungs, but have you ever thought about how your workouts aid your skin? Exercise helps to boost circulation, which ensures that vital nutrients reach the skin cells. Sweating is also a natural cleansing method. It flushes toxins out of the system and leaves your skin looking brighter and clearer. You may look sticky and flushed at the end of a session, but you’ll soon notice the benefits of regular exercise.


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It’s essential to take good care of your skin. It has got to last you a long time, and you’ll feel much more confident if your skin looks radiant and smooth. Follow these eight steps to achieve beautiful, glowing skin this spring.



  1. Great tips! Drinking water is so important, thanks for the reminder 🙂

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