Blush Challenge – adorned with grace Minerals Beautiful

adorned with grace Mineral Beautiful blush is aptly named. (link goes to old adorned with grace site; I think the company has since shut down)

photo co-opted from

The photo I took today was horrifyingly bad, even by my shoddy standards so I borrowed this photo from awg’s old ecrater site. Beautiful is a sweet, cool pink with just a hint of shimmer. I feel it gives me a – dare I say it- youthful glow. Even though my skin is quite yellow, Beautiful doesn’t clash, doesn’t pull orange, blends easily, and has pretty good staying power considering how oily I am.

I wear Beautiful on a regular basis. Today I wore it and my co-worker told me I was pretty, even though I got to the office at  7am start. That’s all blush, people.


Guess who I saw today?!

That’s an intense face.

Phil from P90X Chest, Shoulders & Triceps workout (aka The Most Humbling of all P90X Workouts). He had to wait for me to cross the street before he turning right, and I very rudely stared at him the entire time I crossed.  I did some cyberstalking sleuthing and I was next to the building where he works, so I’m certain it was indeed Big Phil.


Blush Challenge – Everyday Minerals Pumpkin Pie

I thought I’d celebrate the season and wear Everyday Minerals Pumpkin Pie today. No link since it was predictably discontinued.

It doesn’t actually resemble anything remotely pumpkin, but I’m a fan of brownish blushes so I like this one. I also wear it as a one-sweep eyeshadow.

Notice the top of the swatch

I think Pumpkin Pie is a good example of my frustration with Everyday Minerals – it’s a pretty color but it doesn’t blend well. Also, it’s been discontinued so if this was a favorite, customers would be out of luck. I’ll keep this in rotation, but it’s on my Would Not Repurchase list.


Blush Challenge – Aromaleigh v.1 Dolly

Today’s blush was one I’d never worn – Dolly from the Gothic Lolita collection from Aromaleigh. When Aromaleigh shut down a couple of years ago, I went nuts on the clearance sales and hauled big time, including 7 blushes.

Aromaleigh Dolly

I felt so pretty wearing this blush today.

Aromaleigh Dolly jar and swatch


Aromaleigh Dolly swatch

It’s very bright, and I’m light, so I applied it under my foundation. The sparkles still shone through.

Aromaleigh has re-opened as version 2, and this is one of the colors that has been re-introduced, but as Tulip.  I may or may not be considering buying another jar so I can make myself a lip gloss out of this gorgeous color.

I’m tempted to give up the blush challenge and wear Dolly again tomorrow. But! I’ve got 6 more Aromaleigh blushes to try for the first time, and if Dolly was any indication, I’ll love those too.


Blush Challenge – Everyday Minerals Apple

and I’m not even bothering with photos. This looks like a nice shade – reddish pink, would make you look like you just came in from the cold – but it’s awfully chalky. It was in the back of my blush drawer and now I remember why I never use it. TOSS!