weighty thoughts

I’m on the short side (only 5′ tall) and I find myself buying workout clothes in little girls’ sizes from time to time (hey, I’m cheap). My yoga pants from JC Penney, hiking gear from REI, t-shirts from Target…I don’t know if I should be happy that I’m saving money or sad that kids are fat these days. Yes, fat. I’m not little girl-sized at all – I have a layer of chub that I constantly battle to lose and I easily fit into L tops and XL pants from the girls’ department.

I’m glad that little girls have stuff to fit them in their own department – I saw some girls browsing at JCP when I was buying the yoga pants, and they were excited over some colorful tops. But, I wish society took health and fitness more seriously. I’m grateful to Michelle Obama for Let’s Move but I know there’s a lot of backlash against it. People don’t want to be told what to do or how to eat so instead kids are getting fatter and sicker and sadder. Or maybe not; perhaps overweight is the norm now so there’s no longer a stigma against it. I don’t know.


Whiting Woods Motorway hike

Today I went hiking on the Whiting Woods Motorway. Yikes, was it steep. My booty is on fire.

The verdant Verdugos

The trail was pretty empty, and the weather was perfect – sunny and cold. There wasn’t much to see along the trail other than the lush green hills of the Verdugos, but from the top I could see the ocean! I loved seeing the clouds casting shadows over the Angeles National forest to the north.

Roundtrip it was about 5 miles and took about two hours. I wore my new Keen hikers; very comfortable.

I am pretty sure I’ll feel this hike in my bum-bum tomorrow.


Lemony Protein Shake

I’ve been making lemony protein shakes for breakfast the last few days.

  • Splash of lemon juice (I buy the big bottles from CostCo)
  • 1 scoop vanilla protein powder
  • 1 teaspoon Truvia
  • 1 teaspoon lemon essence
  • 1/2 cup greek yogurt
  • 1/2 teaspoon xantham gum
  • water to fill the Magic bullet cannister

I give the cannister good shake before blending it on the Magic Bullet

This protein shake is very tasty, but not as thick as I would like, so I will try it again when I get some cottage cheese. I bought the lemon essence from the Homegoods store for $2.99 along with a butter-vanilla essence. I bet that will be delicious. There’s no sugar listed in the ingredients, so I suppose it doesn’t add many -if any-extra calories (no nutritional info on the label). There are some artificial ingredients, so not too terribly clean-eating but what can you do. It’s a nice option from the usual bland protein shakes.



Blush Challenge and an all-Aromaleigh face

If you’re like me, you cannot skip blush. Without it, I look washed out and tired. So when I wear eyeshadow, I try to wear a more subtle blush, lest I end up looking like Kat Slater.
Today was an all-Aromaleigh face: Gossamer foundation, Tatiana and Swoon eye shadows from the Pure Eyes Frost collection, and Glazed blush from the Pure Rouge collection.

Just the right amount of color and shimmer so I didn’t look too overdone. Smooth, blends well, and I’m impressed with the staying power of Glazed, especially considering how oily I am.

I hadn’t tried this blush before, but it’s definitely going in the regular rotation.

Now on to the eye shadows. Tatiana – OMG.

Tatiana on the top, Swoon on the bottom

I really really wish I was a better photographer because Tatiana is jaw-dropping. I thought it was just a regular old bronzey-brown color, a neutral with a kick but still work-safe but no. It’s breathtaking. Tatiana has green interference, so at different angles the color shifts and changes. It’s amazing. I wanted to stare at my eye shadow all day, but I had to close my eyes for that and then I couldn’t see it… I wore it over Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy and I STILL HAVEN’T CREASED. We’re going on 12 hours. That’s miraculous for my oily lids. I am completely in love with this eye shadow.

Today’s foundation was Gossamer in 2Y. Gossamer is a good everyday foundation. Not too much coverage so it’s natural looking, but enough to make my face look smooth.

I’m so very happy that Aromaleigh has re-opened. I didn’t get to try too many of their products until they started shutting down, but I’m glad they’re be around for a while longer.



Blush Challenge – adorned with grace Minerals Beautiful

adorned with grace Mineral Beautiful blush is aptly named. (link goes to old adorned with grace site; I think the company has since shut down)

photo co-opted from http://www.adornedwithgrace.ecrater.com

The photo I took today was horrifyingly bad, even by my shoddy standards so I borrowed this photo from awg’s old ecrater site. Beautiful is a sweet, cool pink with just a hint of shimmer. I feel it gives me a – dare I say it- youthful glow. Even though my skin is quite yellow, Beautiful doesn’t clash, doesn’t pull orange, blends easily, and has pretty good staying power considering how oily I am.

I wear Beautiful on a regular basis. Today I wore it and my co-worker told me I was pretty, even though I got to the office at  7am start. That’s all blush, people.