Blush Challenge – Ecco Bella Rose Orchidee

I got this Ecco Bella Rose Orchidee blush a while ago in a package from Meg’s Makeup. I’ve used it quite a bit so the package is a bit beat up.

Someday I will learn to take nice photos

This blush is a highly pigmented, cool pink blush that doesn’t pull orange (a real problem with cool-toned mineral blushes). I apply it with a fluffy kabuki brush under my foundation, and I like the flush it gives me.

I do like this blush but I probably would not have bought it for myself.  I generally don’t like pressed products very much – I’ve v-e-r-y oily so pressed cosmetics always get that smudge on the surface even though I use a clean brush every time.  It’s also pricier than other mineral blushes ($15.95) but it will probably last for a long time since it’s has such good color payoff. So for this blush, I will break my no-pressed-products rule and would repurchase.


Sassy City Chicks Fashion Bash

Last night I attended the Sassy City Chicks Fashion Bash. I’ve been going to these events for a couple years now – Sassy City Chicks Fashion Bash, Shecky’s Girls Night Out, another one I can’t remember, and each time I swear I’ll never go again because the gift bags just aren’t worth it anymore. But! Sassy City Chicks sent me a coupon code for a $5 ticket so I couldn’t resist.

But I should have.

The gift bag

The gift bag’s contents

My bag contained:

The stuff in here is not for me. I don’t have curly hair so the shampoo and the Frieda styling products are out (I don’t even use shampoo very often), and I don’t need hormone replacement therapy (the photo of the screaming woman is an ad for HRT). I will definitely use the SoftLips though – that’s a Holy Grail product for me.

When I first starting going to these events, I had to bring my backpack because there were freebies galore from the vendors, the gift bag was huge, and the (free) booze flowed like water!

Now, the gift bags aren’t very exciting, the only free drinks was a sip of Godiva liqueur, and the vendors were the same old, same old – sex toys, scarves, blingy costume jewelry, and clothes that are usually spandex leopard print dresses.

For $5, I shouldn’t complain, but I am so there you go. I swear I’m not going again (this time I mean it)


Blush Challenge – Lucy Minerals Juicy Peach

Day 1 of my attempt to try a new blush in my inventory everyday.

I got this blush a few months ago but hadn’t yet tried it until today. There were some raves for this blush at Mineral Makeup Forums,so I ordered it with one of Lucy Minerals‘ amazing stock-up specials.

Juicy Peach ingredients

This is a sheer peachy color with a hint of sparkle.

My photos suck

Juicy Peach swatch

Juicy Peach is so pretty. The color is sheer, so it’s great for me since I tend to have a heavy hand. You can layer it for more intensity, but even just a quick sweep gives you a nice peachy glow. I really like this and will keep it in regular rotation now.


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Blush inventory

How many blushes do I actually have?
I decided to count and the answer was obviously too many.

blush inventory

The total came to 44 items, a few dupes, mostly of Everyday Minerals. Ah, the heady days of the free sample kits.

I’m going to set myself a Blush Challenge. For the month of November, I’m going to use a different blush every day. That will take me into December too, and by the end of this challenge I will have a good idea of what to keep and what to get rid of.