Blush Challenge – Silk Naturals Tart

I don’t really know how Silk Naturals Tart this came to be in my stash – did I purposefully purchase this? I can’t imagine why; I suspect I received it in a swap. It looked terrible on me. I tried to do a swatch, but it really could not capture the gaudiness of this color. Silk Naturals suggests this is a blush medium or deep skin tones, but the purple undertone in this shade would probably clash with olive or tan skin, I think. I suppose if I had a fiber optic blush brush, I could have toned it down, but it would clash with my yellow skin, so it’s a no-go.



  1. Kristi C. (@lov2read68) says:

    I used to have Tart Light. I always used a duo fiber brush with it. Got rid of it because it was way too easy to get too much on = clown cheeks. It was a perfect color for me though.

  2. I got rid of this one too. Sounds like Tart Light was a lot of work for you! Too easy to go overboard.

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