Body Beast Build: Legs

This morning I felt as if I’d been beat up – my chest, ribs, and arms are KILLING ME. That means I got a good workout yesterday.

Today was Legs. I was dreading it, because P90X Legs&Back never did much for me – I had to make up my own routine at the gym to get that shaky-I-can’t-walk feeling. I think I just didn’t know how to bring it for that workout.

Body Beast Build: Legs

But not with Body Beast – this workout was ridiculous. It’s about 40 minutes, but it took me about an hour because the exercises took me a while, and I had to pause several times during the step-up move. That was nearly impossible for me – I was supposed to step up on the bench while holding weights. This is a very familiar exercise since I used to do this move in my old The Firm videos, but in for Body Beast I had to propel myself up using momentum more than muscles. I think the bench was just too tall for me. For the guys in the video, the bench came just below their knees, but for me, it was higher than my knees. Next time I do this legs DVD, I’ll take down my old Fanny Lifter and use that.

Today’s weights were 10-, 12-, 15-, 20-, and 25 pounds. The heavier weights were fine for squats at the start of the workout, but I dropped waaay down for the lunges. I also couldn’t quite figure out how to do the deadlift with the barbell between my legs. I couldn’t figure out how to do it with just dumbbells, either. I’ll have to work on that.

I was hoping to get in a short run today, but that’s just not happening. I will just pop on the treadmill for a walk so I won’t be super-duper sore tomorrow.

Over all, this was a great leg workout. My legs are the flabbiest, most unattractive part of my body so they need the most work. Yes, I know, you can’t spot-reduce, but I’m still hopeful that when I finish Body Beast I won’t be embarrassed to wear shorts. Maybe.




  1. ugh i HATE leg day. i’m a total Bro at heart – working my upper body gives me a major fitness boner but legs? hate. now that i can’t run trails, i have to resort to leg days.

    • says:

      Leg day is no joke! I’m training for a half, too, so I want to make sure my legs are strong so I won’t get injured.

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