Body Beast Update

I haven’t updated my last two workouts because I’ve been in a bit of flurry taking photos of myself in my undies and sending them to strangers on the internet.
I did get to see this sweet ride as a result:Beachbody, Tony Horton, Shaun T, Leandro Carvalho, Chalene Johnson, Beachbody Challenge

I signed a non-disclosure agreement so I can’t say anymore, and it might all come to nothing anyway, but I’m proud of myself for trying because this is out of my comfort zone. Way, waaaay out of my comfort zone.

When You Go Out Of Your Comfort Zone Is When Great Things Happen
On to the workout updates:

Body Beast Build: Back/Biceps, Sagi Kalev, women doing body beast
Body Beast Build: Back & Biceps – I took this workout to the gym so I could use the assisted pull-up machine (although bands would have been fine, too). It was very awkward at the gym with my laptop and the DVD, but I got it done and I went during a non-busy time. Like with the Legs workout, I had to pause several times to get all my reps in and finish the sets. I didn’t use very heavy weights but even trying to curl 8 pounds at the end of a set was a major challenge. I had muscle failure so I’d stop the DVD, rest a bit, then make another attempt. This program is kicking my butt and I love it.
Body Beast cardio, sagi Kalev, women doing body beast

Yesterday was Body Beast Cardio. In the Body Beast universe, cardio means doing squats and lunges really fast while holding weights. The format is this – an exercise for 20 seconds, an excruciating hold for 10 seconds, repeated three times. Since my lower half was still ON FIRE from Tuesday’s leg day,  this was a half-assed workout even though it was only 30 minutes. Next week should be better.

I still need to figure out how I’m going to train for my next half marathon while doing this program. I’m hoping the physical agony soreness will wear off a bit by next week and I can manage to get a few runs in before I lose interest momentum.

What’s up for the weekend?



  1. Are you using the supplements? They help tremendously for muscle recovery, endurance and stamina with that program!

  2. Squats and lunges with weights will definitely drive up your cardio. At least, that’s what I do when I want to drive my heart rate back up a little. I will also do a compound move of a bicep curl while stepping up onto a box (opposite arm from leg) for another cardio kick.

    I’ve seen someone bring P90X to the gym before (laptop and all) during a non-busy time, so you’re definitely not alone. Sometimes you just need more space or the right gym equipment!

    • says:

      I love doing P90X at the gym! I’ve been doing it so long though that I just need the worksheets. Not with Body Beast though – I need to SEE what they’re doing.

  3. the muscle soreness will go away took me about 1.5wks for that to go away when i first started p90x (the program i did before body beast). after that, fit in runs between lifting and alternate leg day for runs every other week. that’s what i would do. when i was in full-on tough mudder training, i would skip leg day all together because the trail runs conditioned them.

  4. Wow, you seem to be pretty serious about it!! I should take more photos of my workout progress..but I never quite get them right..more awkward than informative..

    Looking forward to more updates!

  5. sounds like an intense workout! I was still feeling sick this weekend so didn’t do much, but can’t wait to get back to regular workouts.
    — jackie – jade and oak

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