Blush inventory

How many blushes do I actually have?
I decided to count and the answer was obviously too many.

blush inventory

The total came to 44 items, a few dupes, mostly of Everyday Minerals. Ah, the heady days of the free sample kits.

I’m going to set myself a Blush Challenge. For the month of November, I’m going to use a different blush every day. That will take me into December too, and by the end of this challenge I will have a good idea of what to keep and what to get rid of.


Giveaway alert! from Makeup Zombie

Makeup Zombie has a giveaway on her site: Because I LOVE October, GIVEAWAY! …

Her blog is really cool, and I’m not just saying that because we share a name, either! I just love bloggers who use indie cosmetics and have some serious creative skills.


A gift from an overseas friend

An internet friend from Mineral Makeup Forums asked if I could make a purchase for her – some handbags that were on sale but not available in the UK. No big deal, I ordered it (with my credit card so I got frequent flyer miles heh heh), received it, shipped it out to her…probably 5 minutes total for all of that, and she reimbursed me immediately.

But! She surprised me by sending this thank-you gift!

My two favorite things – Hello Kitty and Avon Glimmersticks in Majestic Plum

The box is the Hello Kitty Liberty Lip Tint Trio, from the Hello Kitty Liberty Collection from Boots. How adorable is this set! I love Hello Kitty! Everyone knows that. But what was really sweet was that my friend remembered that Avon Glimmerstick in Majestic Plum was a Holy Grail item for me before it was discontinued! It’s still sold in the UK.

Such a thoughtful gift!



Sale Alert! Aromaleigh Weekly Sales! Discounted through November 1, 2012

Aromaleigh Weekly Sales! Discounted through November 1, 2012.


Product Review – Aromaleigh Pashmina Mineral Foundation

I’m always on the hunt for good mineral foundations. Last week I ordered (and received rather quickly!) some foundation samples from Aromaleigh v.2.

An assortment of foundation, plus a couple of freebies!

I like the numbering-lettering system that Aromaleigh uses – it makes it so much easier to order samples that will come pretty darn close to matching. I have strong yellow undertones, so I knew my shade would be somewhere in the Y (yellow) range. The shade depths range from 1-4 (ivory, light, medium, deep).

Aromaleigh Pashmina foundation 2Y

I’ve worn the Pashmina heavy coverage foundation a few times now, and I like it! My skin is v-e-r-y oily and I sometimes have trouble with foundation – mineral, liquid, powder, whatever – fading and pooling. Pashmina held up pretty well even on a 6-mile walk on a 90-degree day. I even wore it on a day when I had a bit of Retin-A peeling, and it blended right over my flakey bits. Impressive!

Because it’s heavier coverage than I’m used to, I did have to apply more carefully, since I tend to slap on my mineral foundation without paying too much attention. The first time I tried this foundation, I made a cakey mess on my face because I put on way too much. The opacity of this foundation means you don’t really need a lot on your brush (ooh! it’s economical too!)

I will probably repurchase this in a 20-gram jar rather than the full-size 50-gram jar, because I don’t think it’s an everyday foundation for me. It’s definitely worth having around for days I need more coverage, and it works fantastically as a spot concealer. The Aromaleigh website suggests blending a bit of Pashmina foundation into the other formulas to amp up their coverage, so it is handy to have around.

The foundation has a smooth texture and is easy to blend (as long as you don’t pound it on like I did initially). I am excited to try Gossamer and Dewdrop next. Good stuff.