Fitness And Roomies – How To Handle It

Starting a real fitness regime is enough of a challenge without adding on an extra hurdle. Unfortunately, for a lot of people, that hurdle is the people that they live with. Housemates or roommates can add a bit of trouble to those who want to get fit and healthy and use the home to do it. But it’s a challenge that can be solved in a lot of ways. So here, we’re going to look at a few.




Get them to join in

The best case scenario is that your roommate or housemate is not only fine with your exercising, but also willing to join in. There are lots of exercise routines, like cycling, that can easily be done together. Not only is it a lot more fun, but it’s also a much more motivating way to stick to your exercise. So ask your roommate if they want to join you. You might be surprised by the answer.


The trouble with food

When you’re sticking to a healthy eating plan, other people can be the biggest problem you have to face. As with every relapse risk, it’s other people indulging that can really make you itch. If you live with people who eat a lot of junk food, it needs to be addressed. You can ask them to not buy specific foods that are tempting to you. Either that or simply ask them to keep it out of sight, even hidden. Most people will be very understanding about this. Just make sure that you’re polite, not demanding about it.



If you work out from home, there’s a lot of concern about how much of an inconvenience you might be proving to your housemates. If you’re lucky, housemates will let you know and ask you (politely) to adjust. One of the most embarrassing inconveniences is smell. You have to deal with it in your clothes and your room. Wash your clothes immediately, avoiding things like fabric softener which aren’t needed for sweat. Scentsy warmers and similar things, along with open windows and dehumidifiers, will be tremendous help for the room. Then there’s the noise. Always be considerate of when you’re working out, for one. Don’t do super early morning exercises if you can avoid it. Then use equipment like bike trainer mats to reduce the amount of noise you make.


Don’t be embarrassed

The point above is going to be even worse for those who have a natural sense of embarrassment about working out. This embarrassment can come from all kinds of places, but you shouldn’t let it stop you. When you’re starting to feel too embarrassed to exercise, remember that very few people will try to make you feel ashamed about efforts to get fit.


We hope that the tips above help you exercise and eat well more conveniently when living with others. A lot of this can be talked out, and will prove a lot less of a problem if you work your issues together. But these tips can help you get there.


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Why Cycling Is The Perfect Way To Get Fit And Stay Fit

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Getting on your bike and taking to the road can be one of life’s great pleasures. As long as you have a bike and the necessary gear then you have access to a wide world and some spectacular scenery. Seeing it from the saddle of a bike is perhaps even more wonderful than watching it go by from a car. As long as the conditions allow it, you can feel the sun on your back and the wind on your face.

Putting in the miles on the bike is one of the most effective ways of getting fit and staying fit. Not only do you get an aerobic boost, you will also give your muscles a workout. In particular it is an effective workout for your leg muscles, which will be doing the lion’s share of the work. Hitting the roads at top speed and staying on the bike, however, takes a lot of work from other muscles. Ensuring you get the best from your time on the bike means following some rules, though:

  1. Stay Safe In The Saddle

If you are careful on your bike and have taken safety precautions, then you are for the most part safe to cycle on the road. A cycle helmet and protective padding will go a long way to doing this. But if you have the misfortune to come into contact – literally – with a less conscientious road user, you may be hurt. If this happens you have to look at accident injury compensation solicitors for bicycle accident injuries. If the accident was your fault, you take the lesson and get on with life. But if someone else has put your safety at risk, you deserve to be taken care of.

  1. Cycling Gear Isn’t Just For Appearance’s Sake.

Looking at someone wearing lycra to go for a non-competitive cycle can make you think they’re taking it too seriously. Yes, they aren’t in the Olympics, so why are they wearing all of that? Well, there is a good reason the pros wear that stuff. It’s breathable, which stops them from overheating during what is a strenuous workout. It also draws sweat away from the skin and allows it to evaporate, which is important for comfort. The more comfortable you are when cycling, the more of a workout you can get.

  1. Vary Your Cycling Routes.

Getting into the saddle just for the fun of it is one thing. Doing it for fitness is another, and for some of us it means we have a planned route which we know will test our legs. That route will give us the maximum workout and have optimum results. But routine can easily become boring, and it does some good to change it up once in awhile. Different challenges will hone different parts of the body. Equally important, a change of scene keeps us on our toes and alive to the other benefits of cycling.

By focusing on the key points of safety, performance and schedule, we can get the best from our time in the saddle. And the more work you put in while there, the better the rewards. So take the time to work out what you want from cycling, and really put the work .


June Training

I totally forgot to blog about this when the month ended, but for June, I ran 89 miles! Probably more, but I didn’t start logging mileage until I got my new shoes.

My body feels great…but the mileage is taking its toll on my skin. I’ve got cracked heels, flaky toes, underboob chafing, and acne everywhere. I disrobe and shower immediately after getting home, but I’m still a wreck. I’ve gone back to Vicks Vapo Rub for my feet, but I’m taking suggestions on my other issues if you’ve got any advice!

Happy Hump Day!