5 Sports That Are More Fun than Going to the Gym

Staying motivated on your fitness journey can be tough. Doing the same exercises and sticking to the same requires serious concentration! If you’ve hit the wall of boredom, do not fret. There is a whole menu of alternative sports that will inject some excitement into your workouts and provide a good challenge! Getting out of the gym can enhance your performance and help you reassess your current workout plans. Ready to try something new? Then read on and re-discover your passion for fitness! [Read more…]


Why Cycling Is The Perfect Way To Get Fit And Stay Fit

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Getting on your bike and taking to the road can be one of life’s great pleasures. As long as you have a bike and the necessary gear then you have access to a wide world and some spectacular scenery. Seeing it from the saddle of a bike is perhaps even more wonderful than watching it go by from a car. As long as the conditions allow it, you can feel the sun on your back and the wind on your face.

Putting in the miles on the bike is one of the most effective ways of getting fit and staying fit. Not only do you get an aerobic boost, you will also give your muscles a workout. In particular it is an effective workout for your leg muscles, which will be doing the lion’s share of the work. Hitting the roads at top speed and staying on the bike, however, takes a lot of work from other muscles. Ensuring you get the best from your time on the bike means following some rules, though:

  1. Stay Safe In The Saddle

If you are careful on your bike and have taken safety precautions, then you are for the most part safe to cycle on the road. A cycle helmet and protective padding will go a long way to doing this. But if you have the misfortune to come into contact – literally – with a less conscientious road user, you may be hurt. If this happens you have to look at accident injury compensation solicitors for bicycle accident injuries. If the accident was your fault, you take the lesson and get on with life. But if someone else has put your safety at risk, you deserve to be taken care of.

  1. Cycling Gear Isn’t Just For Appearance’s Sake.

Looking at someone wearing lycra to go for a non-competitive cycle can make you think they’re taking it too seriously. Yes, they aren’t in the Olympics, so why are they wearing all of that? Well, there is a good reason the pros wear that stuff. It’s breathable, which stops them from overheating during what is a strenuous workout. It also draws sweat away from the skin and allows it to evaporate, which is important for comfort. The more comfortable you are when cycling, the more of a workout you can get.

  1. Vary Your Cycling Routes.

Getting into the saddle just for the fun of it is one thing. Doing it for fitness is another, and for some of us it means we have a planned route which we know will test our legs. That route will give us the maximum workout and have optimum results. But routine can easily become boring, and it does some good to change it up once in awhile. Different challenges will hone different parts of the body. Equally important, a change of scene keeps us on our toes and alive to the other benefits of cycling.

By focusing on the key points of safety, performance and schedule, we can get the best from our time in the saddle. And the more work you put in while there, the better the rewards. So take the time to work out what you want from cycling, and really put the work .


June Training

I totally forgot to blog about this when the month ended, but for June, I ran 89 miles! Probably more, but I didn’t start logging mileage until I got my new shoes.

My body feels great…but the mileage is taking its toll on my skin. I’ve got cracked heels, flaky toes, underboob chafing, and acne everywhere. I disrobe and shower immediately after getting home, but I’m still a wreck. I’ve gone back to Vicks Vapo Rub for my feet, but I’m taking suggestions on my other issues if you’ve got any advice!

Happy Hump Day!


What are “junk miles” and should I even care?

Happy Friday!
I’ve been on a running kick lately – just look:

daily mile

Yesterday was the first day that I’d not run in two weeks. I’ve been aiming for 5 miles a day; the days where I didn’t achieve that were the days where I forgot to increase the treadmill timer from 30 to 60 minutes. Oops.

Apparently – these are “junk miles“! Miles that I run just because I want to run them – no other objective than that. I guess serious runners try to avoid these sorts of runs…but I’m not a serious runner so I’m sticking with my junk miles runs. Here’s why:

  1. Because I can. I’ve never done any sort of running or running program until I turned 40. I’m still amazed that I can run at all! Never mind run 5 miles. Nearly every day! I’m so proud of myself for being able to do that.
  2. A 5-mile run burns about 500 calories. I set my fitbit food plan for a daily deficit of 500 calories, so this works out perfectly.
  3. I have a goal to be always half-marathon ready. And if I can run everyday for 5 miles, I feel like I could definitely run a half marathon. Maybe not at a PR speed, but it would be doable for me.
  4. My soap is about an hour long, so I watch it on the treadmill and get my miles in at the same time. Don’t judge.
  5. I feel great after a run. Those post-workout endorphins are no joke!

Some days I run faster and some days I run slower. But, I’M RUNNING. I haven’t yet run 5 miles EVERYDAY, so that’s my goal for next week. Wish me luck!

What exercise have you been doing lately?



New fitbit!

You guys, I lost my fitbit in December. It just…fell off my wrist. I was bummed, but not terribly so, because my dude has one that he’s never used. So I just swapped them out.

But! His fitbit was faulty! It didn’t sync and the LED lights don’t work. So I abandoned the fitbit idea.  
Since we bought them in 2013, our fitbits were out of warranty…but the nice people at customer service gave me a discount code! 

And here’s my new beauty. 

fitbit flex in violet

I love having a fitbit again. I love tracking steps, calories, weight…I just feel so much more in control over my weightloss and maintenance.

Do you have a fitbit? Let’s be fitbit friends!