Staying Safe in the Sun

Staying safe in the sun is so important, especially since we’re now all more conscious of aging than ever before. The sun might feel nice and warm on our skin, but it’s a very dangerous thing that should be taken seriously. Your skin can even come under fire when the sun is hiding behind clouds, and doesn’t look like it’s coming out at all! Want to learn more? Read on… [Read more…]


3 New Years Health Resolutions That You Can Stick To!

The New Year,”new you” posts are coming in thick and fast. Now is the time to become leaner, more fit, healthier and better. But, come the second week in January and you’re back to being your usual self. There is no sign of improvement, and you’re delving into the cookie jar.

Does this sound familiar?

Unfortunately, many of us make health resolutions that we seldom keep. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. You can make reasonable and achievable New Year’s goals to keep you in fighting shape.
You don’t have to feel guilty in February any longer. Here are three health resolutions that you can stick to:

  1.    Taking Up a New Exercise Regimen Doesn’t Have to Mean Hitting the Gym

We all want to be muscular and compact. But, that requires willpower. If you want to banish your beer gut, there are some simple ways that you can do this. You don’t have to be the next Ernie and go all out muscles to achieve a leaner physique. If you’re physical fitness is not as it should be, it’s time to start walking. One hour of walking can burn 500 calories. But, it can also ensure that you are dropping fat and building upon muscle. You don’t need to pay out for expensive gym membership.  A pair of good walking shoes for men and women is all you need. Walking is the best way to beat the flab and start building on your overall physical fitness. Once you feel healthier, you can start lifting weights. The key is to start small and manageable. That way, you will stick to your goals.
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  1.    It’s Time to Quit Smoking (And Not Start Again)

Let’s face it; a packet of cigarettes is never going to be good for you. You need to ensure that you are kicking nicotine up the butt and staying off them for good. This can be difficult. Addiction is a powerful thing. But, you can do it with a little bit of willpower and the right tools. Electronic cigarettes and apps are perfect for the gadget minded among us. You don’t have to rub a patch and hope for the best. Look into nicotine replacement therapy and download apps as a support function to your tablet or smartphone. Incentivize your quitting. Make sure that you save your cigarette money and use it for a vacation. Whatever you need to get you through the quitting process, get it in place. You will feel better for it in the long run.
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  1.    Watch Your Caffeine Intake

Delicious caffeine can get us up and ready to face the world. But it can pose a number of health risks. While the odd cup of coffee is not going to hurt you, excessively drinking tea and coffee has a number of risks. Ditching caffeine is not difficult at all. Replace your hot drinks with herbal teas and stock up on decaf. Green tea is an excellent replacement for those with a serious caffeine addiction. Take a look at supplements too. You will feel better for ditching the caffeine and feel the many health benefits of doing so!
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Did you make any New Year’s resolutions? How are they coming along one week into the new year?


Wey-hey, Friday!

And I have today off work so I’ll be headed out to do some last-minute shopping before I leave Mexico City. I don’t usually give Christmas gifts (no one needs more cr@p to throw in the back of their closet), but maybe a few souvenirs wouldn’t go amiss…


What are you doing for the weekend? Have you done your holiday shopping?


How To Be A Healthier You in 2015

Many of us use the beginning of a new year as that boost we need to kick bad habits and start a healthy lifestyle. Although it will seem tough, and sometimes impossible, it is such a worthwhile goal to set as it can significantly improve your quality of life.

In order to give yourself the best chance at sticking to your healthy regime, it is important to plan ahead. If not, January will sneak up on you, and you won’t know where on earth to start. But you needn’t worry about this taking too much time as we have done a lot of the groundwork for you.

We have created this “how to” guide to becoming a healthier you in 2015. Not all of the information in the guide will apply to you, so feel free to read it in a way that makes it personal to you. With a little organization and a lot of determination, we have every faith that you will achieve a healthier you next year.



  1. Do your homework

Start the process with a little background work. Read about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. When you see all the amazing improvements to your physical and psychological health that a healthy lifestyle can make, you will feel very motivated. Find out about what foods you should be eating to maintain a balanced diet and how much exercise you should be doing.

Use health organizations and government resources so that you know you are reading reliable information.

  1. Set some goals

Okay, we know you want to be healthier, but it is important that you are a bit more specific with yourself. Do you want to lose a certain amount of weight? Do you want perfect abs? Do you want to stop smoking or drinking? Do you want to learn how to cook healthy foods?

When setting your goals, be realistic and honest with yourself. If not, you might not be able to complete the goals you have set, and you will feel deflated. Set yourself maybe one or two achievable goals to start with. Once you have completed them, give yourself another two, and so on. When you start ticking off all your goals and feeling more confident in your abilities, you can begin to increase the challenge factor of your goals.

  1. Give yourself plenty of incentives

People generally find goals easier to meet if they know that they will get something in return for them. Of course, you will get the satisfaction of completing them, but often a little treat gives us that little push we need to carry on. Your incentive may be a day of rest after exercising daily for six days. Or, it could be something more, like a massage or an going to see a movie at the cinema. Whatever incentives you chose, make sure it is something that you find to be a real treat. However, at the same time it shouldn’t be something that could risk ruining all your hard work.

Some people find it easier to complete a challenge when they are doing it to raise money for charity. If this would work for you, you may wish to consider asking your friends and family to sponsor you through your more difficult goals.

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  1. Make it easy for yourself

Try and remove any obstacles that might get in the way of achieving your goals. If you can’t afford a gym membership, for example, consider getting some equipment you can use at home. This could include a pilates ball, an ab carver, a skipping rope and some exercise DVDs. If you are meeting up with friends, suggest venues that provide healthy eating options. If you are going to a bar to celebrate a friend or relative’s birthday, have one drink during the toast and then stick to soft drinks for the rest of the evening.

However, you will undoubtedly come across obstacles that are too difficult to move. Just make the best you can of the situation and don’t stress too much.

  1. Spend time with other healthy goal-setters

As you know, starting a healthy regime is one of the most common new year’s resolutions out there. So, you are bound to know other people who are too trying to achieve a healthier lifestyle. If you can’t think of anyone, reach out to your friends via social media.

Finding a buddy who is in the same boat as you could do wonders for your motivation. You can provide support to each other if things get tough and you can celebrate achieving your goals together.

  1. Record your progress

Some people find it helps to record their progress so that they can see their journey and how much they have achieved. If you like this idea, you may wish to do this in the form of a written diary, a blog or using an app for your smartphone. Healthy eating and exercise apps usually involve the user recording the foods they ate and the exercise they did each day. These apps can be very helpful as they can do calculations like how many calories you’ve burned each day, how much money you have saved on not smoking and how far you are from your goal.

A blog or a diary would be appropriate if you want a more personal account of your journey. You may wish to add pictures, write about improvements you notice in your health and make notes on any problems and challenging moments. If you create a blog, you can share your journey with your friends and family. You never know, it may give them the push they need to improve their lifestyle.

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  1. Be patient

You will require a good level of patience during this process. You won’t see changes immediately, so it is important that you remember this and keep going. As well as being patient with the process, you must also be patient with yourself. If you find something difficult and have a moment of weakness, recognise that that is all it is and move on.

After reading this information, we hope that you feel motivated and prepared to achieve your goal for a healthier you in 2015.


Sunday Social – Twitter

Happy Sunday, y’all! While I recover from yesterday’s race, here’s this week’s Sunday Social.
Social Sunday, A Complete Waste of Makeup

1. When did you join Twitter?
Probably around the same time I started my blog, October 2012.

2. Who is your favorite non-celeb to follow?
I can’t choose!

3. Who is your favorite celeb to follow?

4. Have you ever had a celeb respond to a tweet?
Yes, @mrjakewood confirmed that two cups of pineapple juice are indeed the secret ingredient. And @EatClnTrainDrty has retweeted me a couple of times, but I don’t know if that’s run by Craig David or his trainer. Either way – awesome!!

5. What is your favorite store/brand to follow?
@aromaleighV2 – so many pretties!
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6. Give us three tweeps we should be following.
@blushandbarbells, @CarlDaikeler, @Pontifex

Do you tweet? I do because I have a lot of unimportant things to say.

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