Fabulous Gifts for the “Girlie Girl” Who Has Everything

Hey guys! My birthday has come and gone, but here’s some advice if you’re stumped for gifts for a special lady in your life.

Although it is traditionally men who are difficult to buy gifts for, there are also some girls who just seem to have everything. Some girls are very good at buying whatever they want whenever they can, which doesn’t leave a lot of scope for their friends or families at birthdays / Christmas / anniversaries etc.
Here are a few things which many girls either don’t have or just can’t get enough of;
• Makeup brushes – you can never have enough of them. The thing is about makeup brushes that they need to kept clean and washed so it’s always a good idea to have a few spares handy whilst the others are in the wash.


makeup case – girls cannot have too many makeup cases – not only are they great for keeping their makeup in but other things too.
• A pampering weekend, or just a day if your budget won’t stretch that far. Girls just love to be pampered – massage, beauty treatments, saunas, spas, facials, manicures, pedicures . . . . the list is endless.
• How about holding a surprise party? Some people hate surprises but others just love them – you should know which category your girl falls into. If you only invite her closest friends she’ll be thrilled even if she doesn’t necessarily like surprises.
• Say it with flowers – okay, so a plant for the garden might be more practical but that’s kind of the whole point. Splash out on a great big bunch of beautiful, sweet smelling flowers and you’ll be sure to raise a smile to her face. Don’t just stop at one bunch, buy her a lorry full.


• How about a photograph of something special in her life. Maybe her pet, maybe her family, maybe even you if you’re lucky.
• How about a visit to her hairdressing salon for the whole works – fabulous head massage thrown in of course.
• A trip to the beauty parlor for a professional hair do, make up and massage followed by an enormous bunch of flowers and a table for two at her favorite restaurant – or that restaurant which she wishes were her favorite but you can’t usually afford to frequent.
• Shoes – you can never go far wrong with shoes but most girls will prefer to choose their own footwear. A trip to their favorite shoe store with an unlimited budget wouldn’t go unnoticed though.
• Take a peek through her online history when she’s not watching – but be prepared to see some things which you might not want to see. Anyhow, you should be able to get some idea of the items she’s been keeping her eye on or searching for and beat her to it. Maybe it’s a fabulous item of clothing, pair of shoes, new makeup case or even an airbrush makeup kit. You might be surprised at what she’s been keeping an eye on.
• What about a once in a lifetime experience – a ride in a helicopter or a hot air balloon – something that she’ll never ever forget.


• Make a collection of her favorite songs – not forgetting to add in your special songs. This is an old idea but it’s still one of the best.
• Write her a book – for real. You can write your own book using photographs of family members or pets – just think up some sort of story and have it digitally printed for a few bucks. That’ll certainly be something special for her to keep forever.
If you are really stuck for ideas take a look at thesalonoutlet.com for more make-up type inspiration.

Are any of these items on your wishlist? I love the pink makeup brushes!


Sunday Social – The Number Four

It’s time for another Sunday Social, hosted by Neely at A Complete Waste of Makeup.

Sunday Social, A Complete Waste of Makeup Link up

1. 4 Favorite bands you loved in high school

  • Los Prisioneros

  • Duran Duran #TeamSimon
  • Luis Miguel

  • I’m drawing a blank on any others. I remember these because I still listen to them!

2. 4 go to meals you’d love to learn to cook or can cook really well
I cook well:

  • quiche
  • lasagna
  • enchiladas
  • arroz con pollo, but I don’t eat chicken anymore and I kind of miss that dish

3. 4 necessities to your daily life

and that’s my morning routine! I need it to get the day started right.

4. 4 makeup necessities you must have if you could only have 4 on

  • foundation
  • mascara
  • lipgloss
  • finishing powder

5. 4 favorite apps on your phone or iPad

  • Words with Friends
  • Twitter
  • FitBit
  • Mint.com

 Have a great Sunday! I won’t even ask what y’all are doing today…


Blog Sale – Coming soon!

With the new year, I think it’s time to de-stash again. I’ll be listing a blog sale of makeup soon.


New Blog Design and a Giveaway!

EDIT: Congratulations to Jessi for winning! Sorry for the delay in posting the results here, ladies, but thanks to everyone for participating.

How do you like my new blog design? Pamela from The Posh Box is very talented (and patient, because I changed my mind a million times)

To celebrate my new blog page, I’m hosting a little giveaway along with my friend Kimberly Stallworth, who guest posted for me a couple of weeks ago. What are we giving away? Blush, of course!

    • e.l.f. Studio Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder in St. Lucia. Swatches here.
    • Lucy Minerals try-it sized blushes in Petal, Sea Coral, and Juicy Peach. Swatches here, here, and here.
    • Aromaleigh blush samples in Dahlia, Verve, Tulip, and Nectar. Swatches here, here, here, and here.
    • CoverGirl Cheekers Blush in Natural Twinkle. I’ve never reviewed it, but it was my first blushy love.
    • POP Beauty Cherry Blossom Lush Blush – this just kind of showed up in my stash so no review. I think it came in a gift bag?
    • e.l.f. Studio Blush Brush because how else are you going to apply these?

All items except the POP Beauty blush have been purchased by me.

Enter using Rafflecopter below! This giveaway is open internationally.

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Guest Post from Kim Stallworth – Actor, model, writer

I’ve been suffering from writer’s block and my beautiful (inside and out) friend Kimberly Stallworth has some tips to help get the creativity flowing going again. Thanks Kim!

Kim Stallworth

I believe that absolutely everyone has an inner poet!  I just literally started writing one day what I felt was going on inside of me – things I didn’t want to talk about for whatever reason.  I wrote lines like “I hope that the visions that walk in my mind will one day run free for others to see”  and “victory and comfort just as easily come as the other ones that darken my heart and sharpen my eye” and “the burn of the air rains down on my skin”.

It was just a matter of writing what came to me.  If you are still enough, open enough, and aware enough – the words will come. They don’t have to be fancy or rhyme or even make sense.  Write what’s there.  You can refer to “the ocean” to mean your heart or “the wind whips through the trees and leaves with pain and disgust” to explain your relationship or even “the man in my eye is the one that makes me cry” to get right down to it – this is your vision – this is your feeling.  This is for you and no one else – unless you choose to share. 

This has helped clear my mind and get out of my way in achieving the many goals that I have set for my life.  It gets all the bad and bizarre and joyful feelings and thoughts you have out!

I generally do not sit down to write something – the words, lines or feelings just come!

Be open to the things that affect you, for the good or the bad.

I am an ordinary person who listens to the visions inside – you can too!  Try it – you’ll feel better, you’ll learn what is going on inside you, you may even grow, and just maybe – you might become the next great poet!!!

“Fear and a closed heart and mind can only lead to limited lights in this life – open and be free to see what your insides can truly be”

My book of poetry, ‘The Woman In the Mirror’ should be out early 2014.

You can hear the words I wrote one evening in the middle of the night after returning home from a very emotional trip back to where I was born, Detroit, Michigan.  “Listen!” just came to me – I wrote as fast as I heard and felt each and every word.  Take a moment to listen and get a glimpse of what my heart sees.