Celestial Seasonings India Chai Tea

The office where I’m temping has a Keurig brewer and Celestial Seasonings India Spice Chai Tea is one of the options.


The slightly spicy flavor is perfect for this rain-soaked morning,


Sunday Social

Sunday Social

Top 3 favourite kinds of food

  1. Mexican – no link since I usually get this from stalls at the market!
  2. Cuban (boy do I miss Cuban sandwiches but no more pork for me)
  3. Lebanese

First 3 things you do in the morning

  1. Turn off the alarm
  2. Pop in the shower
  3. Have coffee!

Last 3 things you do at night

  1. Wash up for bed
  2. Take my vitamins
  3. Pray

3 TV Shows you NEVER miss

  1. Eastenders
  2. Casualty (Alex Walkinshaw is my TV boyfriend so it used to be The Bill)
  3. The Suze Orman Show

3 Places you want to visit

  1. Iceland
  2. John Muir Trail
  3. Cuba (no link since the official Cuba tourism page is unsurprisingly down)


Thanks to Mrs. Brown’s Thoughts for the list!



¡Dále asere!



Sunday Social

Sunday Social thanks to Girl on a Mission:

1. Do you plan to change any of your eating habits in the new year?
I was pretty happy with my eating habits in the second half of 2012. I enjoyed some holiday indulgences, but now it’s back to #EatCleanTrainDirty

2. Any workout tips to get us back in shape after the Holidays?
I can’t work out for 3 hours a day like I did during funemployment, but I can walk more and fit in a few  Blogilates challenges.

3. Favorite thing you did over the Holidays?

4. What is something you hope that you accomplish in 2013 that you did not in 2012?
I want to create a capsule wardrobe.

5. Name 3 things happening this year you are excited about and why
1. More hiking – I really want to get better at this.
2. A trip to Seattle – I’ve never been!
3. Having a job – the current project is low-stress. Perfect!


Secret Santas!

I participated in two Secret Santa exchanges this year!

The first was the annual Secret Santa from the the Mineral Makeup Forums. This is the 3rd year running, and it’s so much fun!
My Secret Santa was ani_bee from Warpaint and Unicorns.



Kitty leg not included

Kitty leg not included

What a lovely gift she sent! Some of my favorite things – teeny tiny Hello Kitty office supplies (a calculator and a stapler), mini nail polishes, and most thoughtfully, Mad Minerals eyeliner sealant (I’d often complained that Aromaleigh no longer offers it, and it’s a must-have for me!)

I was Secret Santa for kookith. This was particularly exciting for me because I met her in Singapore earlier this year! I did some custom shopping for her before I left for Asia, so I knew exactly what she would want.

Next, I participated in the Worldwide Secret Santa, organized by Laura and Georgina. Thank you ladies! My not-so Secret Santa is Sarah from Life in a Break Down. She hasn’t opened her gift yet – waiting for Christmas!! I ripped my open as soon as I picked it up from the post office.

How adorable is the dog on this pretty package?

How adorable is the dog on this pretty package?

Soap and Glory Perfect Manicure

Soap & Glory Perfect Manicure

What a great gift! I need it too – winter is not treating my hands very well. Thank you so much Sarah!

These gift exchanges were so much fun! I can’t wait to do it again next year.