Monday Manicure – Chrome nails

Good morning!
Have you heard of chrome nails? I had not, but I won a chrome manicure from a local nail salon on Instagram!
So off I went and there were the results:

rose gold chrome nails

Chrome nails are CRAZY shiny – metallic, sparkly, whatever you fancy. There’s so much variation available because of the process.  And this was an elaborate manicure, even by gel standards. There was a base coat, the cured (put under the UV lamp).

Next, there is a base color. Knowing nothing about chrome nails, I was surprised that base colors were orange and brown. There was a layer of base coat, then cured, then repeated. Then a gel top coat was applied and cured. That’s six layers!

One the nail technician wiped my nail clean, she pulled out a tiny jar of sparkles. It was about the same size as a jar of loose mineral eye shadow. And she had a sponge-tip eyeshadow applicator, too! At this point I got confused, because I had orange and brown nails and now the manicurist has glitter? But this was the chrome part! She dipped the eyeshadow applicator in the sparkly powder, and rubbed it into my nails. And like magic, they suddenly looked like this:

rose gold chrome nails indoors

The powder somehow blended into the polish (which was bone dry) and changed the color. It was amazing to watch. Science at the salon!

I’ve since watched the chrome nail technique on YouTube maybe 983,561 times, and I wonder if I can duplicate it at home…

Have you tried a Chrome manicure yet?


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