Done with my blush challege

I started out with 44 blushes in my stash, but I decided not to try them all out. There were a few in there that I just did not want to use, so…I didn’t. They’ve been tossed or given away. I have pared down to 18. Still seems like a lot; I wonder how I ever got to 44 in the first place? Why/how did I become a makeup collector? And mineral makeup at that – it lasts for-positively-ever. I seem to remember a time when I had TWO blushes – a warm and a cool and that seemed to suffice. I cannot imagine I’ll get back to that simplicity any time soon since I pretty much have a lifetime’s supply.

I feel a bit overwhelmed with my makeup stash, so I might try testing/clearing out my lipsticks like I did my blush. Maybe eyeliners and eye shadows too. Gotta have a goal.


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