Exercising in the Heat? Here’s How to Stay Cool During Your Summer Workout

Working out in the summer can be sickly, sweaty and occasionally frustrating. Even if you’re not out in the open running in the sun or swimming in the heat, it can get extremely difficult to work out when the sun is blazing. It goes without saying that the summer is a terrible time to start a new workout regime because there are several issues, such as dehydration, that simply make it harder on your body. In order to beat those uncomfortable workouts, headaches and other issues, here are a few tips to help you exercise in the heat.



Wear the right clothing


This sounds obvious, but if you’re going to workout in the summer then you need to get rid of those tracksuits and replace them with some shorts. Your workout clothing will make a huge impact on how comfortable you are when you exercise, so don’t neglect its importance. The material also plays a big factor in how cool you will stay when you’re exercising in the heat. Cotton isn’t very breathable so it makes you feel hot during workouts. Synthetic fabrics are a good choice for exercise since it helps to cool your body and deflects sweat.


Drink more


Since you’re going to be sweating more, it makes sense to also drink more. The easiest way to ensure that your body is cool enough is to drink more chilled water. Simply stick a water bottle in the fridge before your workout then try to sip at it during your workout. Don’t drink as soon as you get thirsty, drink so that you never actually become thirsty without drowning yourself in water and going toilet every 30 minutes.


Hide from the sun


Although summer weather is fantastic, it’s also sickeningly hot at times. Switch to indoor cardio instead of your regular run if the heat is getting to you. Gym treadmills are perfect for this and it helps that there are nearby showers to let you cool off after your workout. If you prefer running outside, then pick another path and try to time it during a time of the day where you’ll be shaded for longer.


Start at a lower temperature


Before you head out to exercise, lower your body temperature temporarily so it takes your body some time to heat up. Take a cold shower or drink plenty of cool water before you initiate your workout. If you want a fast way to cool down, then consider biting on some ice cubes or use a cooling pack on the hotter parts of your body, such as your wrists. If you don’t have time to take a cold shower, then running some cold water on your wrists and splashing your face is a great alternative.


Remember that staying cool is important when you workout in the heat. Your body can naturally adapt to the hot conditions, but it’s vital to help it adapt by cooling your core temperature down before, after and during your workouts. Drink plenty of water, wear the right clothing, and you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to resume your regular workout plan.


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