Fitness Motivation: How to Tip The Scales in Your Favor

OK, so we aren’t talking about doing that weird balancing thing with the bathroom scales, here. The one where you hover over one end hoping that your full weight won’t be registered on the dial. These scales are the one that relates to the delicate balance of motivating yourself to keep up with your fitness goals and regime, even when you really don’t feel like it. Read on to find out more about them, and how you can use them to meet your goals.

Organization is key

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One way to tip the scales in your favor when you are trying to achieve your fitness goals is to make things as easy as possible on yourself. You can do this by getting some home gym equipment, so you don’t even need to go out of the house to work out. Having healthy food and snacks prepared, so you don’t end up giving into temptation, every time hunger strikes can help too.


In fact, meal prepping has become something of a movement in the fitness world. With lots of advice and quick meal guides online to help you out. Get more info at, about this activity before you start. Including an organizational chart for the week to help you ensure your meal are balanced nutritionally and enjoyable. After all, it is actually a lot easier to eat something tasty and healthy, that is all ready to go than order a naughty fast food delivery and wait for the 30 minutes it takes to arrive!


Something else that you may want to consider when working towards health and fitness goals, is putting in place a reward system for yourself. Yes, it may sound a little silly at first, but these things can really work, even for us adults! The trick is to make them simple, as well as including rewards that are relevant and motivating to you; personally. Your reward system needs to be simple because you want it to be easy to see how far you have come, and exactly how far you have to go to your next reward. To help you with this, why not get a set of stickers to go in your planner like the ones shown

Choosing relevant and motivating rewards is essential, as otherwise they just aren’t going to help you get off the couch and into the gym when you are feeling tired. In particular, choose items that don’t conflict with your goals. For example, a good reward for exercising three times a week is a coffee out with a friend. A bad reward is a box of donuts that you take home and eat all of, on your own.

Another good reward is a trip out to experience something new like a theme park, going to the beach, or an evening meal out with friends. Yes, it’s perfectly acceptable to have the odd treat meal from time to time! Consider too, things like new items of workout clothing like the ones at as a reward. As these will help you feel great while exercising, reinforcing your positive changes and keeping you motivated as much as possible. Something that is super important when you have fitness goals to achieve.


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Taking a break

Yes, I know that taking a break to achieve your fitness goals sounds a little counter intuitive, but bear with me. Sometimes we need to remember that we are only human, both physically and mentally! ┬áThat means on occasion getting up and going to the gym is just going to be too much for us, and that is actually OK. As long as it’s not a regular habit of making excuses for not doing your routine, you should be listening to your mind and body and be taking a break if you feel exhausted.


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Why? Well, because for one it’s much easier to get injured when you are tired, and that can put you out of action for a lot longer than one missed session at the gym. Also, if one of your fitness goals is to lose weight, exercising to the extreme when you are already tired can have the opposite effect that you are looking, and leave you feeling way more hungry, an effect that is described at Making it ever harder to fight those cravings and keep to the healthy meals that you have prepped and planned.

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So, to tip the scales in your favor with fitness motivation the three rules are: to get organized with your meal prepping, take the occasional break, and don’t be shy about giving yourself a reward for all the hard work and progress you are making.


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