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I am the worst Beachbody coach ever. I have not written a fitness update post in ages, not even when I finished the Body Beast program.

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So here’s my fitness update!

I finished Body Beast just before I came to Mexico around the middle of May. I really loved that program. It seemed quite intimidating before I started, and it was tough once I got going, but I managed it (even while training for a half marathon!). The trick with this program – and with all exercise programs – was just to get started. That’s it! Just getting started is both the hardest and easiest task for this program.

Body Beast, Body Beast for Women
By the end of the program, I was squatting with 35 pound weights (on each side! That’s 70 pounds!) and curling 20 pounds (per arm!) Never in my wildest dreams did I think I could be that strong.

I am really happy with my results. I could have had much better results had I stuck to the diet program, but I’m going for progress here, not perfection. The way my arms shaped up makes me feel like a bad ass. The lower half needs work, but that will come with time.

body beast for women, body beast results, body beast bicepI love this photo of me because you can see my bicep. I have a defined bicep! I’m not flexing or taking a gym selfie – I’m just posing for a photo with a friend and BOOM! There’s a bicep.

When I got here to Mexico, I took a few days off to settle in, then I started T25. I’m working 12-hr days and living in a hotel room and T25 is ideal for that kind of situation. It’s only 25 minutes and you don’t need a lot of space for it…perfect. There really are no excuses for not working out with this program.
Everybody Got Time for thatOne of my Beachbody customers told me she didn’t want to try T25 because she thought since it was a short workout, it would be too easy. I think it’s actually good for all levels of fitness – if you’re in great shape, you can follow Shaun T; but if you need something a little easier, you can follow the modifier. I followed the modifier most of the time – I don’t know if it was because of long work days, 5:30am workouts, or high altitude…but low-impact was the way to go for me. I finished the first month of T25 feeling great!

But…I missed Body Beast. And I missed running (I made this realization when dashing around in torrential rainstorms). So, I started Body Beast again. I packed my work sheets, my videos, and my weightlifting gloves so I was ready! Now I’m in the hotel gym when it opens at 6am, alternating Body Beast and Couch to 10k. I’ve got to take advantage of the high altitude to get my running speed up, so I started the program from the very beginning.

I have company in the gym, too – one of my co-workers asked me to be his accountability partner when he found out that I’m a Beachbody coach. Perfect! I needed an accountability partner, too.

Now that I think about it, I started this blog and signed up as a Beachbody coach specifically to keep me motivated –  so having a workout partner is an awesome bonus.

How are you doing with your fitness? Let us know if you need encouragement and support!



  1. I love Body Beast!!! I am finishing up the last month of the program. My husband asked me the other day what I was going to do when I was done. I told him I wasn’t sure yet! I love lifting and strength training way more than cardio. I learned with Body Beast that I dont hate working out, I just hate cardio. But, cardio seems to be a necessary evil to blast fat so I need to find the perfect balance. I started incorporating a few T25 work outs in on days that the bulk shoulders or back…or other shorter work outs are.

    • says:

      Oh I really love cardio! I love running and I absolutely adore Insanity.
      BEAST UP girlfriend!

  2. I’ve never heard about Body Beast so I’ll have to check it out. So far .. I’m just doing an interval run .. need to pick up some weight!


    • says:

      Warning – once you get started with weight lifting, you might just fall in love with it!

  3. funny e-card! Congrats on beating BodyBeast. I think my favorite forms of fitness are jogging and lifting, but even so, I still struggle to make it into the gym sometimes. It’s really savvy to take advantage of your high altitude opportunity. Maybe find a race to participate in for the first weekend you’re back in SoCal to take advantage of it!

  4. wow..hell Ms.biceps!
    I know accountability partners are very push each other!

  5. You (and your bicep) look great!

  6. You ARE a beast! That’s awesome. I only work out 25-35 minutes at a time, and my body adjusted really well. I used to think you had to work out an hour a day, but I have better results with 30 minutes two days on, one day off at a time.

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