Getting Back into Exercise After Months of Inactivity

Yes, we know, we should have all started exercising a couple of months ago, after the winter cold had thawed and we were leaving our hibernation mode. But if it’s been awhile since we’ve been exercising, then it’s not always so easy to get back into the routine of pushing our bodies to the limit. In fact, when the alternative is sitting in the sun with a beer, it can be virtually impossible! But go on like this too long, and it’ll be gone forever. So with that in mind, here are five ways to get back into exercise.


Have Fun

The idea of rushing to the gym and slogging away for ninety minutes or so will not inspire you to begin exercising again. How could it? That kind of grand ambition is for later on down the line, when you’re actually in the swing of exercise. In the early days, start small, and make it more about having fun than actually working out. It could be taking up a sporting activity, going for a light jog, or anything else: so long as you’re moving, it’s all good!

Find a Partner

We all like to think that we’re confident self-starters, but let’s be honest: this isn’t always the case. If we’re relying solely on ourselves to put the required effort in, then there’s every chance we’ll falter the second things get tough. That’s why you need another person as part of your routine, to whom you are accountable. A personal trainer can give you that extra push of motivation you need for your efforts to make a difference. If you have a friend who also wants to begin working out again, join the gym with them and inspire each other!

Make it Part of Your Routine

It doesn’t matter how small you start: the key thing is to make exercise a part of your routine. Rather than going to the gym for an hour whenever you feel like it, make a commitment to exercise for twenty minutes each day, ideally at the same time, so that it becomes just another thing you do during the day. The best way to acquire new habits is to do them often, and if you make an effort to do exercise each day then slowly but surely it’ll become part of your routine.

Visualize Success

You might need a little extra help to make your new routine a reality, and one of the best ways to do this is to have some visual motivation around your home. A calendar with your exercise routines boldly outlined can make more of a difference than you think!

Hold onto the Good Feelings

One of the best ways to motivate yourself to move is to remember how good you feel after you’ve been exercising. You’ll be releasing endorphins continually when you exercise, which can set you up for the rest of the day. Don’t think about the actual exercise – think of how good you’ll feel after you’ve finished!


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