Why Hydration Is Key To Your Fitness Goals

No matter your level of experience in the fitness world, if you’re into fitness, you’ll know that you’ll be confronted with no end of fast-track weight plans, snake-oil remedies, and everything else under the sun will be chucked at you! The fitness world and everyone who hits the weights and the treadmills of gyms across the world are a big market to sell to, and you’ll be hit with the latest supplements, diet plans, pills, and all sorts.

However, if you’re going down a bad path – there’s no supplement that will save you. You need to be serious about your dietary habits if you want to make a success of yourself in terms of health and fitness. Now, as we said above – there are plenty of things that you will be told are ‘key’ to your fitness goals, all these shakes, foods, and plans. However, there are only three things key to your fitness goals. Hydration, Food, and Health.



We’ll focus on that first point today – because hydration is where your path to fitness greatness survives and thrives. The truth is, you’ll need plenty of fluids in you to get fit. Plenty of athletes will tell you the importance of water – which holds a key role in fitness, as it is what will keep your body running.

There are also plenty of helping aids you can gain through drinks and liquids. You can get rid of nasties with skinny tea, which is something that can help you detox. You can also boost your protein levels with an intake of the right drinks. Water is important, but it’s not the be all and end all of your drinking habits. Take sports drinks full of electrolytes for example – sweat can help us lose salts in our body, so keeping them in with electrolytes is a crucial!

How do you ensure you are drinking enough? Have some dedication and pay attention, there are plenty of apps out there that can help you find out how much you’re taking in over the course of a day so that you can keep track.

How much should you drink? Well – you want to consume 3 litres every day, on a normal day. If you’re exercising, you might want to consider drinking 250ml of water every 20 minutes, but if your run is over 40 minutes, you need to consider a sports drink with sugars and salts in, vitamins are a good bonus, but you want electrolytes through sugars and salts. After workouts, replace the fluid you lose.  Basically, just keep drinking and pacing yourself throughout the day and don’t exercise without hydration!

If you’re not hydrated with the right drinks, you will crash and you will feel awful. This could even lead to injury. Avoid this situation by ensuring you take in the right amount of water and sports drinks to keep you going throughout the day. Avoid sugary drinks like sodas and fruit juices to help you stay on track, and remember – drink that water!


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