I love my gym

Today I was pretty grumpy when I got to the gym. Besides me being grouchy, it was hot, HOT outside and I was already sweating, never mind that I took the bus there.

Today was C210K Week 4 Day 3 and since I don’t like running, I was dreading it (I always dread it. I love it when I’m done, but getting to it is always kind of a bummer). And it was Legs&Back day which is never my favorite.

While I was putting my stuff in my locker, my favorite spin teacher (and superstar trainer that I will hire once I win the lotto) stopped to tell me that she noticed how hard I was working earlier this week and that I was doing a great job.


So encouraging! Her words made me pop on the treadmill in a happy mood (ran at 6.0 for all portions), and I really pushed myself on my P90X routine today. I reached for the heavier weights. I moved the pin up on the assisted pull-up machine. I really brought it.


Just another reason why I love my gym. I know a woman whose gym puts posters in the women’s locker room with slogans: “Your Bones Aren’t THAT Big” “Be the Skinny Friend Everyone Hates”. Can you imagine having to see that?! None of that at my gym – the emphasis is on health and having fun while exercising. I just love to be there.
Even when I’m grumpy from the 100-degree weather.



  1. I am going to borrow that – I am currently off work again but day before yesterday was on the treadmill for .25 miles. Yes, you read that correctly. But I did it. And was able to walk through a couple of stores for probably a bit more than .25 miles. Working on my PT exercises & will be back on the treadmill again today and I WILL BRING IT!!

  2. I agree! The gym locker room is not the place for those posters! Excercise should be healthy and fun, glad you had a good time a the the gym and are killing it in your mileage and P90x!

  3. That is disgusting! I would never go to a gym like your friend’s – obviously run by some skinny snob with no idea about real health and motivation. Gross! I’m glad you have such a great gym and what a great workout! Awesome job!


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