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Time for Humpday Confessions with Kathy from Vodka and Soda

Humpday Confessions

My first confession is that I don’t get the hype around Ryan Gosling. He looks like every other hipster doofus in Los Angeles.

My second confession is a rant. Just look at this shizz:

The Biggest Loser Kale Salad

The Biggest Loser Kale Salad

I saw this pre-packed salad at Costco and I became apoplectic with rage. WTH with telling consumers they’re good if they buy this?! I hate, haaaaate with a passion the labels we give food and food choices. If I don’t buy this salad, am I bad? If I don’t eat a salad at all, am I really bad?
I once refused a cookie at work (I think it only happened once to be honest). “Oh,” said the woman offering it. “You’re being good.” Well, no, I wasn’t; I’d seen her manky fingers on the cookie tray.
But the point is, why make judgements like this? What’s with the guilt and the shame over food? Do we think that telling people that a green salad is “good” and cookies are “bad” is going to help anyone’s weight problems?
Resisting a cookie does not imbue anyone with virtue. Skipping veggies is not a character flaw. Making someone feel like crap about him/herself when s/he probably already does is not only completely unproductive, it’s unkind. And probably more of a reflection on the person making the judgment, but that’s a topic for another day.
//end rant


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  1. I couldn’t agree more with your rant! I get pretty rage-y over stuff like that too.

  2. I so agree with this!

  3. haha love it! first, i kinda like ryan, but i dont drool over him or anything. i wouldnt kick him out of bed. lol. and the rant – totally agree. what i hate more is when i have to say ‘no, im trying to be good’ because i cant think of any other way they will listen: ‘no i dont want fast food’ ‘no, i cant eat that’ ‘no i dont want to feel like shit’ and they dont listen. gah. people.

  4. I agree wholeheartedly with the first one. He aint that cute … like at all. Also Jared Leto was much cuter without the hair! There I said it!

  5. im not a fan of ryan either; my first face of choice is adam levine minus his now frosty hair chode look but blog land seems to dislike adam and love ryan so ryan it is.

  6. I’m going to have to disagree with you on Ryan…he is a cutie. I agree with you on your rant though 😉 I hate when people talk about food that way…if I refuse a cookie at work than “that is why I’m thin” if I take a cookie “than I’m not going to keep my figure eating like that”….give it a rest people. I also dislike hearing people talk the entire time they are enjoying a “treat” about how they shouldn’t be having it…either enjoy it or don’t eat it.

    • blushandbarbells@gmail.com says:

      UGH I hate that too – “oh I shouldn’t be eating this snarf snarf snarf.”

  7. I have a huge crush on Ryan Gosling </3

  8. A freaking men to the 2nd one!

  9. I agree about Ryan…now Robert Downey Jr. I’d dip him in my milk and let him melt in my mouth allllllllll day. So about how dirty that sounds lol.
    I agree about your rant and add that it’s not just food that we are judged on, it’s our clothes, the way we live, the way we talked…I don’t know, it always bothered me. I think people should focus on building and uplifting instead of judging and side eyeing. Although, I’ve done my fair share of both, I wish I could do better at not partaking in the side eye.

    • blushandbarbells@gmail.com says:

      Yes I’ve done lots of judging too and I dislike that I did! I’m working on adding positivity now.

  10. Preach it girl!!!! I couldn’t have said it better myself. Being “good” is not “easy” anyways. Passing up chips and salsa, beer and a cheeseburger for something lighter takes some will power yo!

    • blushandbarbells@gmail.com says:

      It’s easy if you eat what the Biggest Loser trainers tell you to, apparently!

  11. Gross to your coworkers manky fingers. I don’t eat food from kitchens I don’t know/trust.

  12. How DARE you speak ill of Ryan Gosling! HOW DARE YOU! Go wash your mouth out with soap and think about what you did.

  13. Ryan Gosling! HA! I know, he’s not my type. 🙂 Looks too much like my first husband. TMI? Yikes! OK, as for the “being good/bad” thing with food, I’m with you. Look, I just baked gf brownies at 9:30 pm and ate some. I’m being very good. 🙂

  14. LMFAO @ “her manky fingers”!!! I love veggies and I love meat – as long as it tastes “good” is all that matters to me.

  15. You know I felt that way about Ryan Gosling until I met him! Personality-wise, he wasn’t completely there but he looks so much better in person. That’s when I changed my mind about his looks… hehe~


  16. I’ve read books about not labeling food as good or bad, and I think it’s a very valid argument! People should not be thinking in terms of good or bad, but think of it more as fuel.

  17. LOL yes, it’s easy to be good…. well, if being good means buying a product. SURE this kale salad will fix it all, YES you can take a magic pill that will make you thinner, buy this and the things you can’t really buy will be yours!!!

    Haha….. I feel you girl!

  18. Fab rant – love it! You’re soo right! People attach far to much baggage to food – good & bad feeds into black & white thinking of on or off diet.

  19. A repeat peeve of mine. Why can’t people just let me eat what I want when I want. I’m judgmental enough about myself without being made to feel guilty/abnormal/ashamed by someone else!

    • blushandbarbells@gmail.com says:

      It’s such a reflection on the person making the comments, you know. It has very little to do with us!

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