Knowing What To Wear Is Hard Enough, But When It Comes To Exercise…

When you’re working out, the main things that determines the comfort that you’re feeling throughout the routine of whatever exercise that you are doing is the clothes that you are wearing. Pair up your workout with the wrong type of apparel, and you are setting yourself up to fail. This could be through not completing what you’re doing, overheating yourself or just not having the implements there to mop up all of the sweat, leaving you with a rash to contend with later. Either way, it’s important to know what to aim for – especially if you are just starting out and haven’t learned the ropes, as such.


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Low Intensity Workout

Low intensity workouts require probably more clothes than you think. If you’re not giving yourself the opportunity to really heat your body up and get your heart racing, then a pair of leggings and a t shirt will definitely suffice. If you are doing movements in exercises like yoga and pilates that require you to contort your body, you will need to ensure that you have a tighter top on in order to keep it close to your body at all times. Lycra tends to work best as it is can be worked in with cotton threads to keep your body at a great temperature while giving you the elasticity that you need.


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There are different types of shoes needed for different types of exercises, and those who have been in the game a lot longer may look absolutely horrified if you tell that them you just got a general pair of trainers or sneakers to start your workouts with. While they’re good for starting out with, you may find that you need to look out for certain criteria and elements in your footwear to be able to properly contend with whatever exercise you are doing. Non-slip soles for squash and badminton, for example, counteract that smooth soles that are needed for some styles of dance shoe.

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High Intensity Workouts

For a workout in which you are going to sweat, wearing as little as possible seems to be the common theme – but for those who aren’t totally confident with their body to do so, it can seem like a step too far. Crop tops and hot pants/shorts are paraded around by those who have the confidence to do so, but ideally what you are looking for is a thin garment that you can wear that is still able to soak up the sweat. Sports bras should definitely be invested in regardless of how big your bust is; keeping your boobs under control when you’re working out is yet another thing to take off of your mind, leaving you more free to concentrate on the task at hand. Moisture-wicking clothing is available to purchase online from many sports stores, so it’s not hard to get hold of something that will look great on you whilst still doing its job. Sports wear has an important role to play after all.


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