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Exercizing should be its own reward. It makes you a happier, healthier, well-rounded individual who is ready to take on the world. However, if your main motivation for exercising is to lose weight, there are several things you can do to make sure every second you spend sweating counts. Check out these simple tricks for maximizing the weight lost through exercise:


Increase Your Cardio

Aerobic cardio exercises, like the ones at, enable you to burn a larger amount of calories, not only because cardio activities naturally burn fat, but also because you can typically do a cardio workout for longer than more intense exercises, which means you can clock up more calories. To get the most benefit from your cardio sessions, you should work out so that you can talk in short bursts, but find it hard to hold a whole conversation.


Give It Your All

So many people go to the gym and put themselves through the motions of exercising, but really they are doing very little to burn fat because they simply aren’t putting enough effort into their workouts. If you want to burn fat, you have to up your intensity and work out to your maximum capacity, even if this means cutting your workouts short. After all, 30 minutes or hard work will do more for you than 60 minutes of half-assed messing around. Raise your heart rate, and you’ll see results.

Join the Right Gym

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If you want to increase your chances of heading to the gym regularly, you need to choose the right gym for you. One which is affordable, close to your home and work, friendly and with all the tools you need to lose those extra pounds.


Switch Things Up

Instead of spending all your exercise time running or lifting weights, try to switch things up, perhaps by taking one of the classes at By doing different exercises, not only will; you not get bored, but you’ll work out every part of you5r body, and because you’ll be changing the intensity of your workouts all the time, you’ll give your body time to relax and make the most of your efforts.


Lift Weights

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A lot of women are afraid of weights, but you really shouldn’t be. Although lifting weights isn’t exactly the optimum exercise for losing weights, in conjunction with aerobic exercise, it will certainly help you to tone up as you drop the weight and you’ll be able to eat more healthy food to feed your muscles, so you won’t have to starve yourself to drop the pounds.


Don’t Overdo It

It can be tempting to go all out in your efforts to lose weight, and although working out to a high intensity is important, you shouldn’t work out for more than an hour and a quarter per day for maximum weight loss benefits. Any more than this and you will see diminishing returns for your efforts, become fatigued and possibly injure yourself. Work hard, but do so little and often for the best results.


What are your tips for maximizing weight loss in every workout?


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