Facial Friday – Non-Surgical Anti-Aging

As a 40+ year old woman, I am very interested in anti-aging treatments and procedures. After all, sunscreen and moisturizer can only do so much before Mother Nature takes over. Real Housewives have pretty much ruled out any sort of surgery for me, so I like to read about non-surgical alternatives to anti-aging.

I was excited when The Dublin Vitality Center asked me to look at their website. At this skin clinic, you can get a series of non-surgical treatments to turn back the hands of time on your face. The clinic offers an innovative combination of Microdermabrasion, Mesotherapy, and Diathermy. We probably all know what microdermabrasion is – using tiny crystals to exfoliate the top layer of your dermis – but what are the other two treatments?
Mesotherapy is needling to treat the middle layer of skin. Apparently it’s all the rage in France. Ooh la la! The Dublin Vitality Center is the first to use the Dermatude procedure which controls how deep the needs go.
Diathermyis laser treatments to eradicate red veins and broken capillaries.

These three treatments together are a non-invasive, non-surgical way to brighten and tighten your skin. I love the idea of popping into a clinic for a couple of hours on a Saturday and looking younger and fresher on Monday, and at these are very reasonable prices, why not?

What do you think? Would you do any of these treatments?



  1. Yes, I’m open to these treatments for myself as well.
    I actually add microdermabrasion when I get professional facials. It’s so worth it. 🙂

    (LOL at Real Housewives comment!)

  2. these all sound interesting. i’m just starting to think of more ways to take care of my skin as well. I recently had my first facial and have been thinking about microdermabrasion too!
    — jackie – jade and oak

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