Blush Challenge – Aromaleigh Rococo

Here’s a description for Rococo. Since it’s not being sold anymore, I had to really dig for it.

“Rococo” … A clear sweet nectar-hued rouge. Not too peachy, this lovely color has a healthy dose of pink to make it a gorgeous neutral shade that will give your cheeks a naturally flushed appearance akin to that famed “O”… Just gorgeous on everyone!~~

I’ve got a few O dupes – Everyday Minerals Snuggle, Silk Naturals Climax, e.l.f. blusher/bronzer duo, but what’s one more? This color is easy to wear and I feel like it makes me look young and awake.

Aromaleigh Rococo jar

Aromaleigh Rococo swatch

It looks really pigmented in the jar, so I applied it with a loose brush, but I needn’t have worried; it’s a peachy-pink with a bit of sparkle.

I really like this – smooth, blendable, good staying power, not over-the-top with the sparkles so I can wear it to work…pretty much a perfect everyday color.

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Blush Challenge – Everyday Minerals Nick Nack

I think Nick Nack was the first mineral blush I tried. I sampled a lot from Everyday Minerals, and the sample sets included blushes. This blush was just about perfect for a mineral makeup newbie – a neutral, light pink, perfect for a natural flush. I used up a sample jar, and have almost used up a mini jar. In the true spirit of mineral makeup hoarding, I have a full-size jar waiting for me.

Can you see it? No? I can’t either.

But I don’t think I’ll be using the rest of the mini jar, nor will I crack open the full-size. All the bloom is off the EDM rose for me. Compared to the other mineral blushes in my stash, EDM blushes pretty much suck. Nick Nack definitely had a place in my rotation, but the space has now been occupied by Aromaleigh Glazed – also a light, neutral pink.



Today’s workout – P90X Core Synergistics

Oh how I love this workout. Just like Tony Horton says, P90X Core Synergistics has become one of my favorites. It doesn’t hurt that Pam the Blam is in it too. Everyone loves Pam.

There are several exercises in this video that I really like:

P90X, Core Synergistics, Pam the Blam, Tony Horton, Lunge & Reach, P90X Recovery Week, Adam Dyer, Adam He's a Dancer He's a Wild Man

Lunge & Reach

P90X, Core Synergistics, Pam the Blam, Tony Horton, Adam Dyer, Adam He's a Dancer He's a Wild Man, Lunge Kickback Curl Press, P90X Recovery Week


P90X, Pam the Blam, Core Synergistics, Tony Horton, Squat X-Press, P90X Recovery Week, Adam Dyer, Adam He's a Dancer He's a Wild Man

Squat X-Press

And maybe one exercise that I really don’t like:

P90X, Core Synergistics, Dreya Weber, Dreya Roll, Tony Horton, Pam the Blam, P90X Recovery Week, Adam Dyer, Adam He's a Dancer He's a Wild Man

The Dreaded Dreya Roll



Blush Challenge – Lucy Minerals Petal

I’m not sure why I don’t use Lucy Minerals Petal blush more.

Lucy Minerals Petal blush

This is a warm, dark pink with a bit of shimmer to keep it from being flat and matte. This is a pretty color that should be in every woman’s collection. I wore it today with no eye makeup and a sheer pink gloss. I think it was a nice look.

It looks very pigmented in the jar, but it’s sheer, smooth and blendable. Lucy Minerals is quality stuff.


Product Review – Arcadian Designs Perfume Oil

Yesterday my order from etsy shop Arcadian Designs arrived!

Descriptions from Arcadian Designs:

  • I FELL FOR YOU [in a pumpkin patch] it was love at first …pick?
    … pumpkin with all the fixings – cinnamon, nutmeg, clove – and crisp leaves in hues of Fall
    the feeling you get when you read a fairy tale…a bit of sass mixed in…grown up and lovely
    …pumpkin…vanilla frosting…saffron…orange…nag champa…cedar
  • Sample of HAY NOW
    A fresh outdoor scent that evokes everything you love about Fall.
  • Sample of CAMPFIRE
    toasty warm…the fire crackling…Indian Summer at its finest…one last hurrah..
  • Sample of SPA ITALIANO
    Escape to the coast of Italy with this blend of osmanthus (sweet olive), wet grass, rose, jasmine, amber, and myrrh.
  • And I already had a bottle of LUCK OF THE IRISH
    Made for a friend around St. Patrick’s Day, but appropriate any time of the year. A complex aroma with notes of mandarin balm, eucalyptus, clover, pear, moss, patchouli (just a hint), sandalwood, amber, and musk.

I love love love Luck of the Irish. I received a sample as a gift from Kelly -the owner of Arcadian Designs – then I bought a bigger bottle… then I lost it in a tuk-tuk in Cambodia… then Kelly surprised me with another bottle. I never thought I would like anything that’s not floral, much less something with patchouli, but Luck of the Irish is amazing. Little sniffs of different scents waft out from this when I wear it, always surprising me.

I couldn’t resist ordering the new pumpkin scents, and I didn’t bother with samples of these. Despite both being pumpkin, they are very distinct. Once Autumn A Time is probably my favorite of the two because it’s got a hint of warmth in it, but I Fell For You [In a Pumpkin Patch] smells like pumpkin pie so you can’t go wrong with that one.

The samples are very autumn-appropriate, too. Hay Now smells fresh and woodsy, but not masculine. Campfire has a hint of sweetness without being overpowering. Spa Italiano will probably be the next full-size I buy. That scent is earthy with hints of florals.

All the scents from Arcadian Designs are so completely different from perfume I normally wear. I’m surprised how much I like them since they’re a huge departure from the normal florals I typically wear. That just goes to show how talented Kelly is.