Blush Challenge – Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Copper Diamond and WOTD

Today’s blush (and eye shadow) was Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Copper Diamond. I bought it a while ago at a Cosmetic Company Store outlets.

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Copper Diamond

I’m not wild about this. I bought it because I’d always wanted to try the Shimmer Bricks and I didn’t want to pass this up at the great price of $28.

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick swatch

Well, it might have been $28 wasted. I just cannot figure out how to use this. On my cheeks, it doesn’t show up, except for a trail of glitter, and on my eyes, it creases like nobody’s business, despite using primer and Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy. I’m sure a huge part of the problem is that I just do not know how (or why) to use this kind of shimmery makeup. I’m so ridiculously oily that putting this on my face makes me look even greasier. A little shimmer, sure, but a ton, no thank you.

Now, on to the workout.

Insanity all the waaaaay!

Now that I’ve done Insanity a couple of times, I can see why this workout is the first. It’s tough, but manageable.  After a 9-minute warmup (which could totally be a workout in itself) with increasing intensity, there’s a nice stretching period, then about 20 minutes of plyo, but with 30 second breaks between sets. Those breaks are what powers you through the workout before another stretch.

The first time I did an Insanity workout, I could barely get out of bed and took Advil all day long. I didn’t get past Week 2. Today I was breathless and sweaty, but I could (mostly) keep up. I guess once you get fit from these workouts, you can stay pretty fit. That’s not to say it’s not still incredibly challenging; I’m just glad I won’t be limping around discouraged like I was the first time I tried it.




Blush Challenge – Aromaleigh Dalhia and Avon Golden Wine Nails

Today’s blush was Dalhia from Aromaleigh.

Aromaleigh Dahlia, formerly Corset from the Gothic Lolita collection

Now this, this is what I wanted for a fresh-in-from-the-cold blush. The Aromaleigh website describes it as ““Dahlia” Rouge is an enticing wearable warm red on the verge of being neutral in tone.” It made me look like I’d just returned from the ski slopes, ready for a steaming mug of hot cocoa…


I applied this with a loose blush brush since it’s so pigmented. I think I might try to make a lip gloss out of it too. And it’s on sale this week!

Today’s nails:

Avon Golden Wine

I just love Avon nail polishes – I like the slim, squared bottle, the varied colors, and the typical clearance price of $2. I did mention that I was cheap.



Since I finished my last round of P90X, I’ve been looking for another exercise program to follow. I tried TRX, various classes at the gym, Couch-to-5K, and P90X again. As much as I miss P90X when I’m not doing it, when I am doing P90X I’m all – this again? So I’ve been floundering a bit.

I evaluated my goals, and I’d really like to drop a pants size. I think Insanity will do it (it’s done it for me before).

I’m ready to DIG DEEP

My downstairs neighbor was not impressed when I did Insanity before, but this time it won’t be at 6am. I’ll do it when I get home from work ~4pm. That’s another reason I want to work out at home – schlepping my gym clothes around with me all day to go to the gym after work is a pain. Yes, I’m lazy like that.

So tomorrow is the Fit Test! My workout buddy in Phoenix is going to start tomorrow too. We did a great job motivating each other during P90X this summer, so I’m hoping we can keep that momentum going.

This does mean I’ll have to postpone my pull-up progression for a bit. However! If I drop a few pounds from Insanity, doing a pull-up will be that much easier.


weighty thoughts

I’m on the short side (only 5′ tall) and I find myself buying workout clothes in little girls’ sizes from time to time (hey, I’m cheap). My yoga pants from JC Penney, hiking gear from REI, t-shirts from Target…I don’t know if I should be happy that I’m saving money or sad that kids are fat these days. Yes, fat. I’m not little girl-sized at all – I have a layer of chub that I constantly battle to lose and I easily fit into L tops and XL pants from the girls’ department.

I’m glad that little girls have stuff to fit them in their own department – I saw some girls browsing at JCP when I was buying the yoga pants, and they were excited over some colorful tops. But, I wish society took health and fitness more seriously. I’m grateful to Michelle Obama for Let’s Move but I know there’s a lot of backlash against it. People don’t want to be told what to do or how to eat so instead kids are getting fatter and sicker and sadder. Or maybe not; perhaps overweight is the norm now so there’s no longer a stigma against it. I don’t know.


Whiting Woods Motorway hike

Today I went hiking on the Whiting Woods Motorway. Yikes, was it steep. My booty is on fire.

The verdant Verdugos

The trail was pretty empty, and the weather was perfect – sunny and cold. There wasn’t much to see along the trail other than the lush green hills of the Verdugos, but from the top I could see the ocean! I loved seeing the clouds casting shadows over the Angeles National forest to the north.

Roundtrip it was about 5 miles and took about two hours. I wore my new Keen hikers; very comfortable.

I am pretty sure I’ll feel this hike in my bum-bum tomorrow.