A gift from an overseas friend

An internet friend from Mineral Makeup Forums asked if I could make a purchase for her – some handbags that were on sale but not available in the UK. No big deal, I ordered it (with my credit card so I got frequent flyer miles heh heh), received it, shipped it out to her…probably 5 minutes total for all of that, and she reimbursed me immediately.

But! She surprised me by sending this thank-you gift!

My two favorite things – Hello Kitty and Avon Glimmersticks in Majestic Plum

The box is the Hello Kitty Liberty Lip Tint Trio, from the Hello Kitty Liberty Collection from Boots. How adorable is this set! I love Hello Kitty! Everyone knows that. But what was really sweet was that my friend remembered that Avon Glimmerstick in Majestic Plum was a Holy Grail item for me before it was discontinued! It’s still sold in the UK.

Such a thoughtful gift!



Keen hikers! and REI’s complete awesomeness

Last week I went to REI to get fitted for some hiking shoes. I decided on a pair of Keen hikers, but the pair I tried on was scuffed, so the store ordered some for delivery.

Here they are! These are the Targhee II Mid Shoes


I also got kitted out with wool socks. a moisture-wicking shirt, and a precipitation jacket. I might get some pants later.

As an aside – REI has the most amazing customer service of any place I’ve ever shopped. Seriously. They people who work there love their jobs, and take their customers seriously. No sales pressure, no hovering, just explanations and help when asked.


Sale Alert! Aromaleigh Weekly Sales! Discounted through November 1, 2012

Aromaleigh Weekly Sales! Discounted through November 1, 2012.


P90X Legs & Back workout today

This is not my favorite of the P90X videos. The people in this video don’t seem to like each other too much, and Tony Horton just talks way too much in this one, even though I typically enjoy Hortonisms. I can do this video in 35 minutes using the P90X book instead of the video. That’s a LOT of chatting time.

I did this at home today instead of at the gym. The legs portion is hard to do since there is limited floor space for stuff like Siebers speed skaters, and also because I’m trying to do kipping pull-ups now, and that’s kind of embarrassing to do in public.

I found this YouTube video explaining how to do them.

Basically, it’s using momentum to get my chin up to the bar. I can make it about half-way if I kip, so I’m feeling like I’m making some progress.


No more TRX

I still have a few sessions left, but I may not use them (at $20 for 20 classes, I think I got my money’s worth for the classes I did attend). I really like TRX; it’s a lot of fun, but… I’m so used to P90X and the idea that I need to work one or two body parts fully once a week. TRX is a full-body workout, so by working everything, I felt like I wasn’t working anything. Except my core. My core burned after every session. And since it was a class, it’s not like I could tell the instructor that I want to do back today, triceps next session, glutes the session after that…If I had my own TRX, I could do that. Although I’d be afraid of pulling down a wall. I’d have to take it to the park and attach it to a jungle gym or something.

Anyway, it’s back to P90X. I did Chest & Back Monday, and I can still feel it today. I am trying to go heavier with the weights, do as many push-ups on my toes as possible, and I’m using the assisted pull-up machine at the gym to help me get to doing at least one on my own.  Tomorrow I’ll do Shoulders & Arms. P90X is flexible enough of a program that I can keep doing it indefinitely.