No more TRX

I still have a few sessions left, but I may not use them (at $20 for 20 classes, I think I got my money’s worth for the classes I did attend). I really like TRX; it’s a lot of fun, but… I’m so used to P90X and the idea that I need to work one or two body parts fully once a week. TRX is a full-body workout, so by working everything, I felt like I wasn’t working anything. Except my core. My core burned after every session. And since it was a class, it’s not like I could tell the instructor that I want to do back today, triceps next session, glutes the session after that…If I had my own TRX, I could do that. Although I’d be afraid of pulling down a wall. I’d have to take it to the park and attach it to a jungle gym or something.

Anyway, it’s back to P90X. I did Chest & Back Monday, and I can still feel it today. I am trying to go heavier with the weights, do as many push-ups on my toes as possible, and I’m using the assisted pull-up machine at the gym to help me get to doing at least one on my own.  Tomorrow I’ll do Shoulders & Arms. P90X is flexible enough of a program that I can keep doing it indefinitely.


Couch to 5K, Week 1 Day 2

I decided to take my run outside today. Results = not great.

Running outside isn’t too much fun. Jumping over uneven pavement, streaming nose, sore feet – what was I thinking when I signed up for a 10K?
I definitely need new shoes, because I am not at all light on my feet. Pound, pound, pound…I guess the treadmill absorbs the shock so it was fine the last time I did C25K. I’ll just have to keep trying.


Product Review – Aromaleigh Pashmina Mineral Foundation

I’m always on the hunt for good mineral foundations. Last week I ordered (and received rather quickly!) some foundation samples from Aromaleigh v.2.

An assortment of foundation, plus a couple of freebies!

I like the numbering-lettering system that Aromaleigh uses – it makes it so much easier to order samples that will come pretty darn close to matching. I have strong yellow undertones, so I knew my shade would be somewhere in the Y (yellow) range. The shade depths range from 1-4 (ivory, light, medium, deep).

Aromaleigh Pashmina foundation 2Y

I’ve worn the Pashmina heavy coverage foundation a few times now, and I like it! My skin is v-e-r-y oily and I sometimes have trouble with foundation – mineral, liquid, powder, whatever – fading and pooling. Pashmina held up pretty well even on a 6-mile walk on a 90-degree day. I even wore it on a day when I had a bit of Retin-A peeling, and it blended right over my flakey bits. Impressive!

Because it’s heavier coverage than I’m used to, I did have to apply more carefully, since I tend to slap on my mineral foundation without paying too much attention. The first time I tried this foundation, I made a cakey mess on my face because I put on way too much. The opacity of this foundation means you don’t really need a lot on your brush (ooh! it’s economical too!)

I will probably repurchase this in a 20-gram jar rather than the full-size 50-gram jar, because I don’t think it’s an everyday foundation for me. It’s definitely worth having around for days I need more coverage, and it works fantastically as a spot concealer. The Aromaleigh website suggests blending a bit of Pashmina foundation into the other formulas to amp up their coverage, so it is handy to have around.

The foundation has a smooth texture and is easy to blend (as long as you don’t pound it on like I did initially). I am excited to try Gossamer and Dewdrop next. Good stuff.


Yesterday’s Workout(s)

Yesterday my fantastic gym was having a party – it was the gym’s 47th anniversary and it was tied in with breast cancer awareness month. So, instead of going to TRX class like I’ve been doing on Mondays, I went to my gym. When I was there I did:  Couch to 5k, Week 1 Day 1 (trying to improve my speed, so I’m starting over); P90X Chest and Back (love doing this at the gym where I can use the assisted pull-up machine); and I went to spin class. After that I walked home.

Here’s my summary for C25K: Not bad, I think, although I ran through a couple of the recovery walks, so I didn’t follow it exactly. I need to learn to trust the program. My goal is a steady 10-minute mile.

Average pace was 12:14 per mile, including walking periods.

It was so much fun at the gym – very festive, even though we were commemorating both the good (gym’s anniversary) and the bad (breast cancer). I think because it’s a women’s gym, breast cancer awareness takes on a new importance.

There was even a DJ!

Hey Mr. DJ play my favorite song


Weekend Workouts

Saturday I went for a hike in the Angeles National Forest. It was about 9 miles round-trip. The trail wasn’t particularly steep (although it did wind up around a canyon) but it was narrow and pretty rugged.

It was the perfect fall day for a hike – cool, misty, and we even saw the hint of autumn colors.

misty mountains

A couple of websites I like for local hikes are Modern Hiker and Everytrail.

After the hike, I headed to REI for gear. I definitely needed better hiking shoes (my sneakers just weren’t cutting it) and quick-drying shirts.

Today, I met my sister at the gym for spin class. I’ll be busy with some work for the rest of the day.