From Poor Results To Phwoar Results – 5 Tricks To Transform Your Fitness Routines

If you’re going to invest time, money, and effort into the process of getting fit, you should demand great results. Unfortunately, far too many enthusiasts find themselves stuck in a cycle that brings very limited progress. But it doesn’t have to be that way for you.


The fact that you’re already committed to fitness is a great starting point. Incorporate these five simple adjustments over the coming weeks, and you should see a noticeable impact in no time.



  • Gain direction by understanding your goals. We all have different targets, ranging from losing weight to improving sporting performance. Without knowing the destination, you’ll never find the best pathway to success. Setting goals based on your specific long-term aspirations will provide a stronger platform to build upon. Do not underestimate it for a second.


  • Maximize your time in the gym by switching to an HIIT program. Let’s face it; we all struggle to make time for regular exercise. By burning more calories and working the muscles in a smarter fashion, you’ll overcome the problems caused by a lack of gym time. Apart from anything else, you’ll finish workouts knowing that you’ve pushed yourself to the limit. The mental benefits of those reactions can be just as crucial as the physical ones.


  • Fuel your workouts in the most effective manner. Most fitness enthusiasts will make an effort to follow a healthy eating plan outside of workouts. However, running supplements and other nutritional aids can help take the progress gained from workouts to the next level. If it allows you to work harder and see better results, you’d be a fool to miss out. When coupled with the right pre and post-workout nutrition, the outcomes will be brilliant.


  • Invest in the right attire. Clothing might not feel overly important to the level of performance. On the contrary, the right comfort can make exercise more enjoyable. More importantly, it can reduce the threat of skin irritations and other minor injuries. If you suffer from weaknesses in certain parts of the body, you must also ensure that you are protected. Whether it’s wearing a support or completing stretches before workouts doesn’t matter. Ignoring the issue will only make it worse.




  • Support your direct workout goals with improved lifestyle choices. The body needs time to rest and recuperate. Therefore, finding ways to increase the quality of your sleep can aid muscle growth and general health. Meanwhile, cutting down on excessive drinking and smoking could turn your life around too. After all, an improved quality of overall health can only aid your motivation and comfort. In turn, this should encourage far greater results both in and out of the gym.


Going the extra mile will pay dividends by finally enabling you to achieve the dream body that you imagined when first starting out. Just remember that it could take a couple of months before those results are seen in the mirror. As long as you can feel the difference in yourself, you’ll know that you’re doing just fine.




  1. Michele says:

    These are great tips! I’m just getting back on the fitness horse. I’ve done all of this and I feel like I’m on the right track again!

  2. Your article is very useful. Give me a little more :
    – Stay hydrated : The more water you drink, the more fat is burned—what could be better motivation to drink more water? Drinking plenty of water helps improve your metabolism and prevent cramps during workouts. A hydrated body is a healthy body—and a fit one.
    – Take the stairs : Taking stairs instead of the elevator or escalator is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Stairs are a good low-impact exercise and can be a great alternative for your cardio. Stairs help in strengthening the quads, butt, and calves and can also serve the same purpose of box jumping—it’s like having your own personal gym!

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