Product Usage Report


Good morning! A few months ago, I posted the skincare items I’d packed for my business trip to Mexico (which turned out to be four months long). A friend who read it described it as “escalating product dependency” but interestingly, I think it really helped me narrow down my absolute essentials for daily use.

I was also interested to see how long each skincare product lasted. This list should help me avoid stockpiling (why do I do that?!)

4 oz contact solution – 2 months
1 stick of deodorant – 10 weeks (I used this maybe two or three times a day)
1 bottle of mandelic acid toner – 3 months (used once a day)
25 oz bottle of hair conditioner – 6 weeks (used daily)
1.7 oz tube of CC cream – 1 month  (used daily)
7 oz facial wash – about a quarter of the bottle (used once a day)
4 oz facial scrub – (used once a day)

Takeaway from this – I have too much product. Too many bottles, too many choices, too much stuff! Paring down begins now when I use up what I’ve already got!



  1. A 4 month business trip to Mexico sounds kinda fun!!

    • says:

      It was fantastic! There’s nothing like living in a hotel, coming home from work with your room cleaned and fresh!

  2. Oooh Mexico! This is a pretty helpful post – I know when I was traveling for work last summer I overpacked on the toiletries.

  3. I have tons too but I feel like I go through them so quickly!

    • says:

      I always *think* I go through them quickly, so I buy more…and they just kinda sit there taking up space!

  4. beautybabbling says:

    I’m working on scaling down too. Since I’m back living at home, I have very minimal storage space, so my back stock of products seems crazy. I’m slowly working through things. I’m really happy with my progress with body washes. That collection is now visibly smaller.

    • says:

      Hmm, I *just* started using body washes. That probably wasn’t a necessary addition to my cabinets.

  5. I hope I can get to travel to a four month long biz trip to Honolulu with the husband. đŸ˜‰
    I have so many products piling up, maybe
    I should make a list too.
    Good Work, Wendy :))

  6. You don’t use that many products in my opinion. Mine is insane… lol~ :X I do have to say I’m pretty impressed you finish the CC Cream in one month!

    • says:

      I layered the CC cream – I was using it like foundation which was totally unnecessary because I use mineral powder on top anyway!

  7. We moved 3 months ago and so started all over on the “product collection”–it’s interesting to me how long it takes to use up a single bottle. I used to always have so many bottles but now I basically have one of everything–I haven’t even finished the one big bottle of shampoo I brought yet!

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