Pure Protein Review

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, or if you follow me on Twitter, you already know that I love Pure Protein bars. Love love love. Why wouldn’t I?! Low in sugar, high in protein, tasty, portable…Pure Protein bars are my perfect emergency snack. They’re great for non-emergencies, too!

So when Pure Protein offered to send me a package of goodies, it wasn’t like I was going to refuse. Here’s what came in the mail:


Now obviously I’m working in Mexico for a few weeks, but the package arrived the week that 유씨 came for a visit, so he very kindly toted the bars in his bag and brought them on down. The Double Chocolate Vanilla Crunch made an appearance at the Teotihuacan pyramids. I always take a Pure Protein bar on my hikes.

I haven’t previously tried the powder or shakes, but I love the array of convenient options for getting in some sweet-tasting protein without a lot of sugar. 유씨 is scheduled for a visit in a few weeks and he’ll bring the powder along then – I’m excited for the Mixed Berry flavor! I bet it’s even better with a spoonful of peanut butter in it…
유씨 drank the pre-made shakes and assured me that they’re tasty and ridiculously convenient. Just toss the bottle in your bag and your protein shake is ready when you are.

I usually buy Pure Protein bars at Target or CostCo and I’m digging the new flavors that have been released. You can check out Pure Protein’s line-up of products on their website.

Thanks again, Pure Protein, for sending me these goodies! 유씨 and I appreciate and enjoyed them!

How do you get protein? Have you tried Pure Protein products?



  1. Looks like great products!

  2. I love protein bars as well. Usually for on the go, I take some Quest Bars..and at home use the Cellucor protein powder…..it’s important to find a good balanve of easy digestable ingredients, low carb, high protein and tasty products 🙂 Great review!


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