Race Recap – Hollywood Half Marathon

Saturday morning, I ran the Hollywood Half Marathon/10K/5K.

Hollywood Half Marathon

My sister signed up to run the 10K this year. I was so happy that she came with me! Last year, the 10K was my first race. And now it was her first race, too!

Here we are at 5:30am:
Hollywood Half Marathon

My goal for this race was to finish in 2.5 hours. I didn’t quite make it.
Hollywood Half Marathon

However, that’s an improvement from my first half marathon in November.

Here’s the breakdown:Hollywood Half Marathon

The main route was on Hollywood Blvd. After the first flat mile, the route went up and down side streets. Let me emphasis: UP side streets. They weren’t hills, but boy, could I feel those inclines. I tried to run intervals – Run 10 minutes, Walk 1 minute – but it didn’t really work out very well. I wasn’t going to waste a walk on the down slope, so my schedule got kind of messed up.

Mile 10 was particularly difficult – I felt a bathroom emergency looming so I searched in vain for a restroom. No such luck. I told myself – suck it up, buttercup! and I attempted to carry on. But as you can see from my times, I slowed way down after that. I feel like I walked nearly all of Miles 12 and 13 – even the cheering crowds and high fives from supporters couldn’t speed me up.

Hollywood Half Marathon finish line

I love this photo because I can see my sister and 유씨 cheering for me on the sidelines. My brother-in-law is somewhere in there, too.

My sister ran her best ever. The crowds definitely pump you up and combined with actually training on the street rather than a cushy treadmill in our air-conditioned ladies’ gym with fastidious housekeeping staff like I do, well, that really made a difference for her.

Here we are at the finish line:

Here we are showing off our medals:

Look at us! We’re runners!

The day of the race, I was pretty stiff and sore. I should have taken an ice bath, but I didn’t. The next day, though, I was fine with just a little bit of soreness in my quads. Nothing uncomfortable, though. Yay me! My next half is the New Year’s race…but maybe I’ll find another one to run sooner.

How was your weekend?


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  1. Awesome job congrats!

  2. Nice work! I’ve done one half marathon and it was awesome! I am really loving that medal! So proud of you and inspired! The route must have been awesome! Congrats!! So cool that you got to run it with your sis!

  3. Wow! Congrats! I’m not much of a runner so definitely impresses with your accomplishment here.


  4. congrats on the 10k. although you didn’t quite make the time you wanted, i think you still did awesome 🙂

  5. Good job and congrats!

  6. Awww~ You and your sister are so cute! You guys are both inspirational. It motivates me to start exercising again which I need badly.


  7. Go you! Well done, you look like you enjoyed yourself too! You weren’t far off your time!

  8. Well done for doing it x

  9. Holy cow! That’s amazing! I don’t know if I’d ever do one, but maybe if it was in Hollywood 😉

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