Simple Ways to Blitz Belly Fat Safely

Fat. The mere mention of the word is enough to make you shudder. I know I do. When it comes to blitzing belly fat, there are some guaranteed ways to do this safely. Remember, it’s not about dieting; it’s about implementing changes to your lifestyle. This is the best way to get rid of that wobbly fat.


Some of us carry fat around our tummies. Others have fat around their butts and legs. But, it’s the belly fat that is the most dangerous. So, it’s time to blast it.


Short Bursts of Exercise


Okay, if you’re anything like me, you will abs of steel. But, kicking out 1000 crunches is not going to blitz your tummy. You need to make sure that you are doing the right exercises before you delve into the world of toning. Ensure that you are planking in short bursts. Hop on the treadmill. I know there is nothing like running to make you feel de-stressed at the end of the day. Ensure that you are indulging, in a short, quick walk too. TopFatBurnerss have stated that even doing 15 minutes of quick bursts a few times per day will see the fat melt away.


Say No to Sugar


Sorry girls, sugars are the enemy. If you want to make sure that you are fighting the stomach fat, you need to change your diet. After all, combating belly fat is roughly around 80% of a healthy diet, not exercise. Reduce your calorie intake and get rid of the sugar. It’s time to stack up on vegetables and protein. But, you also need to make sure that you are getting rid of sugary drinks too. Opt for almond milk and protein shakes as an excellent replacement. Some of the best fat burners are oatmeal and cinnamon. Get on the hype and get rid of the fat for good! Spice is a great way of replacing sugar. What’s more, it’s better for you too. It’s a good way to stabilise low blood sugar. Plus, it beats the cravings of wanting sugary treats.


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Say Yes to Vitamin C

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So you have waved bye bye to sugar, it’s time to say hello to vitamin C. Vitamin C is what turns fat to fuel. So, make sure that you are loading up on vitamin C rich foods. Citrus is a good source of this. Kale, kiwis and peppers are the perfect sources of vitamin C.


What’s more, these are jam packed with more vitamin goodness than the trusty orange. It’s all about being savvy with your food intake.


Eating Fat (Sort-Of!)


Hell yes, you’re meant to eat fat! But, of course, you cannot reach for a McDonalds. Sorry to disappoint. It’s time to start changing the fact that you eat so that your body can look sleek, toned and gorgeous. Salmon, almonds and walnuts are the best sources of rich, healthy fats. What’s more, you will be sustained all day.


You don’t have to slog it out in the gym to get rid of that stubborn tummy fat. Make some key changes and feel awesome!




  1. great info girl!

  2. This was definitely some great info for me, since I’m currently on a sugar fast and looking for some replacements to keep my sweet tooth under control. Thanks for sharing!


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