Start Preparing for Swimsuit Season Now

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Short shorts, bikinis and tank tops are the order of the day when summer rolls around, and summer is just around the corner. So, if you’ve been hiding your holiday weight, hairy legs and pale winter skin underneath layers of warm clothing, now might be the time to start preparing for swimsuit season.


If you’re happy with your looks, of course, there’s no reason to do a thing. More power to you! There’s nothing sexier than confidence and if you’re happy to show them all what lies underneath your cold weather clothes, good for you. If, on the other hand, you won’t be seen dead in a bikini until you’ve dropped a few pounds, check out these simple goals to get you there:


Start Strength Training


If you want to have the perfect beachbody by summer, make a commitment to start strength training right now. When you lift weights, not only do you burn a lot of calories at the time, but you raise your metabolism for 24-48 hours after the session. This means you will lose more weight, and because you’re also building muscle, you’ll look much more toned overall too.


Start Cycling

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If you want to have the perfect pins when you slip into your summer shorts, start cycling now and don’t stop until summer comes. If you buy or borrow a bike, you can cycle to work, the shops, your friends’ places and anywhere else you need to go. If you also invest in the best turbo trainer at Vikao, you can even cycle when you’re at home in front of the TV. If you do this from now until June, your legs will be slimmer, stronger and more toned than ever before.


Kettlebell Swings


Kettlebell swings are great for the whole body, but they are particularly good for achieving a beautiful toned butt and arms. In just 20 minutes three times a day, you will burn loads of calories and get rid of sags in the areas that are most likely to be on display when you’re at the beach.


Drink More Water


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Drinking more water will help you to stay hydrated, which will ensure that your body is able to burn fat to its maximum potential. Having lots of water will also help your skin to look clear, plump and radiant, and since you’re going to be displaying more of it soon, that can only be a good thing.


Eat Fewer Refined Carbs


Refined carbs like white bread, pasta and cookie are not particularly nutritious, and they are likely to lead to bloating and weight gain. So, if you’re serious about looking your best on the beach, try to cut them out as far as possible, replacing them with healthy whole grains, fruits, and vegetables for maximum results.


Visit the Salon

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If you want to look flawless this summer, start visiting the salon now. Regular leg waxes and tanning sessions (if you like to be brown) will ensure that when the time comes to put your bikini on, you’ll be ready.


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