Fitness Challenge Group starting October 7! Get a big jump on your new year’s resolutions!

There are ~90 days left until 2014. How about this year, we greet January 1 already fit? Forget starting January 1, let’s be well on our way by the time we ring in the New Year. With winter coming, you’re probably going to be inside anyway, so it’s the perfect time to start a home fitness program!

My friend Tracy and I will be hosting a Fitness Challenge starting October 7. You can use any fitness program you want to participate – obviously I recommend P90X, my all-time favorite workout program – but as long as you GET MOVING, you’re ready for this challenge! We’ll all support and encourage each other along the way.

beachbody challenge

I was in a fitness slump a few months ago, but joining Tracy’s challenge group really got me going again and I know our group will do the same for you. To join up, Friend me on Facebook and I’ll add you. This will be a private group so we can really get down to business with our successes and frustrations. Everyone of every fitness level is welcome.

Monday, October 7 – mark your calendar and let’s get started!


Sneak Peak of P90X3

I recently signed up to be a Beachbody coach (click my link to get a free Team Beachbody account! You don’t need to buy anything). This weekend was Super Saturday, a kind of conference for local Beachbody coaches to learn more about the company.

And what did we learn? That there is a new version of P90X coming out! Now if you’ve been reading my blog for any time at all you already know how much I love P90X. Love love love til my daddy takes the T-Bird away (that’s a Hortonism, in case you didn’t know. And that was another one!).

P90X3, Warrior Workout, Tony Horton, Beachbody, new P90X

Get ready, cuz it’s coming!

I cannot tell you how excited I was alllll week for this conference, mainly for the sneak peak of P90X3! The preview was exclusive for Elite Coaches, but the organizers shared it with us!

I took a few sneaky snaps during the workout. We did the Warrior Workout, a video version of the workout that Tony Horton does with US troops here at home and overseas.

P90X3, Warrior Workout, Tony Horton, Beachbody, new P90X

The moves in Warrior were about a minute each, and each move alternated from chest to core to legs and then back again, so it’s a full body workout. The exercises seemed familiar from P90X, but then there’d be a twist (literally, in the case of Fifer Scissors) to throw you off and make you work. Here’s what I can remember from the workout, but my descriptions might be a bit off since I was sweating more than note-taking.

  • Jump Squats – squat, then jump!
  • Hook, Upper Cut, Sprawl – Tony Horton’s favorite new move. Like Hook Upper Cut from Kenpo, but then you sprawl into a wide plank. There was a second, similar move. My sister loves Kenpo so she’ll be all over this.
  • Level 1 Thinking Drills – you might be familiar with Level 1 drills from Insanity, but in the Warrior workout, be prepared to move your arms too!
  • Standing Crunch – from downward dog, you move your knees in various angles to work your abs. I really feel this today.
  • Warrior Squat – this includes a lunge!
  • Super Burpees – a lot like Prison Cell Pushups from Core Synergistics, but with a back kick! Or not, the modified version skipped the kick.
  • Sphinx Plank – like the Sphinx Pushups from Core, but fully extended into a plank. Yowsers.
  • Elevator Pushups – similar to Plank To Chaturanga Iso from Core, but with more up and down. A LOT of up and down.
  • Basketball Jump Shots – sort of like what you do in the Plyo X bonus round, but from each side.
  • Speed Skaters – we know this from Legs & Back…but there’s a double hop. Yikes.
  • Spiderman Squats – these reminded me of Run Stance Squats from Plyo X, but there was more rotation. I got dizzy!

Now, don’t think you must first do the original P90X for this workout – you can absolutely learn these new moves even if you’re an exercise newbie. I used P90X exercises as a reference since I’m very familiar with them…but I still had to stop to watch a few reps during each to try to replicate. I’m not sure I got them right, but that comes with time.

Here’s a shot of the group working out. I love the beads of sweat dripping off their faces (yep, another Hortonism). The crowd reaction was pretty positive – lots of cheers and shouting. I sure had a lot of fun and I think the others did too.



A few more things about P90X3:

  • each workout is only 30 minutes long.
  • the cool-down is a short 2-3 minutes after the 30 minute workout. I can’t quite remember if the warm-up was included in the 30 minutes. In any case, you’re looking at ~35 minutes.
  • the workouts are shorter because there are fewer breaks and less chatter – but you’ll still get your Hortonisms. In the case of the Warrior Workout, from the cast members quoting from the original P90X!
  • there is a separate warm-up DVD in case you’ve got more time and/or you need it. I’d probably use this DVD since I’m no spring chicken I work out in the morning.
  • it’s not a graduate program like P90X2, so you really only need a baseline fitness to use it.
  • don’t wear running shoes while doing it. I don’t know why, but Tony Horton said it twice during the workout. He recommended court shoes…I’ll just wear my pink Chucks.
  • there are other workouts in the program that will require weights or bands and a pull-up bar.
  • it will be released on December 1o. Sign up here to get an email reminder when the program is ready and give it to everyone on your holiday gift list!

I pretty much loved the Warrior Workout. P90X2 seemed like more of a challenge than I was willing to try, but P90X3 is right up my alley. I.Can’t.Wait until it’s available.

Who’s with me? Which cameraman? (I just can’t stop with the Hortonisms)