FITfluence Launch Event

I love being a blogger. Not only have I made friends all over the world, but I get invited to exciting events like this and that. And last week I attended the launch of the FITfluence event at YouTube Space LA.
YouTube Space LA, Fitfluence
The panel was made up of influential YouTubers, including a couple of my favorites, Tony Horton of P90X and Cassey Ho from Blogilates.

This event was spectacular – there were a tons of vendors on hand, giving out goodies. Just look at this incredible goody bag! It’s stuffed with awesome gifts.

LeSport Sac backpack
Free Le Sport Sac bags?! Yes please!

BeBit YouTuber
YouTube Channel BeFit
had these workout accessories.

LVFT steel water bottles
I don’t know about you, but I always need these steel water bottles – one for my desk, one for my night stand, they’re just really handy to have around.

Hickies elastic shoelaces
How awesome is this concept – elastic lacing system from Hickies. Since I don’t wear shoes in the house, this is really convenient for slipping lace-up shoes on and off at the front door.

exo made with cricket flour, PB&J
Hmm. I don’t think I’ll eat this. I have nothing against cricket flour, but I am pestacarian and this doesn’t really fall into that category.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it., selfies
was giving away this selfie system…I haven’t used it yet but I’m keen to try it!

Tarte Park Avenue Princess, Lights, Cameras, Splashes mascara
Woot! Waterproof mascara and bronzer from Tarte!

And the highlight of my evening:

Tony Horton, Bring It! P90X


Do you follow any YouTubers? Who’s your favorite?


This Week in Workouts

I’m linking up with Ashley from Sweaty Girl in a Fur-Covered World for This Week in Workouts.

This Week In Workouts, Body Beast for Women

This was my second week of Body Beast. Now that I know what to expect in the DVDs, the workouts were a little easier. Maybe easier isn’t the right word, but I didn’t sit on the weight bench with my mouth agape thinking OMGWTFBBQ. This week I felt like I could get the workouts done.

Sean Lowe the Bachelor, Sagi Kalev, Body Beast, Body Beast for Women

Monday – Body Beast Build:Legs and Blogilates Intense Abs.
Tuesday – Body Beast Build:Back & Biceps, and Blogilates Muffin Top Meltdown.
Wednesday – Brazil Butt Lift Bum Bum (I previously reviewed it here) and a 3-mile run instead of Body Beast Cardio.
Thursday – Body Beast Build:Shoulders and Insanity Pure Cardio (I previously reviewed it here).
Friday – This was a Body Beast rest day, so I put in a 4-mile run.
Saturday – Body Beast Build:Chest and Tris. I’d planned to run a bit, to do another Blogilates abs workout…but I was out of gas.
Sunday – Body Beast Build:Legs and Blogilates Intense Abs. Then I walked on the treadmill at a leisurely pace for two episodes of EastEnders.

It wasn’t quite as much exercise as I wanted for the week. I would have liked to run more and get in a few more abs workouts, but I think I underestimated how much Body Beast would tire me out. This workout is not a joke. The short runs that I am doing are going to have to suffice for my half marathon training for now.

Did you work out this week?

If you’re snowed in, you might not realize that summer is on its way! Get ready for shorts and swimsuits with this at-home exercise program.


Weekly Workout Wrap-up

I totally stole this idea from someone else’s blog…but I can’t remember which blog it was. If it was yours, THANKS!

Monday – I usually do C210K on Mondays, but after the race on Sunday I wasn’t feeling it. I went to a hatha yoga class at my gym and boy did I need that stretching. Then I did P90X Back&Biceps. I moved the peg down on the assisted pull-up machine, so I’m slowly-but-surely getting stronger.
I skipped abs and walked 3 miles home.

Tuesday – Brazil Butt Lift Bum Bum. If I were doing the entire BBL program, I’d have done another workout along with it, and I just can’t even imagine how. Bum Bum really kicks my Bum Bum.

Wednesday – C210K Week 5, Day 2. I wasn’t feeling it, but somehow I managed to finish it and run at 6.0. The feeling afterward is what keeps me going. Still don’t like running.
Then it was time for P90X Chest, Shoulders, & Triceps (aka the Most Humbling of All P90X workouts). A respectable 10 plyo push-ups (on my knees), but not a lot of progress on the weights or other exercises.
I did a couple of Blogilates videos and took the bus home since it was raining.

Thursday – I did my old Denise Austin yoga/mat pilates workout DVD, an old favorite. I like her baby talk in these two workouts; it makes them seem easier. I also walked ~5 miles.

denise austin

Friday – Back to the gym for C210K, Week 5 Day 3. This was a straight 20-minute run. I put my iPod on the treadmill and watched the Suze Orman Show while running. I started at 6.0, but after 5 minutes dropped down to 5.0. 5 minutes later, I went up to 5.5 for 5 minutes, then I finished out with 5.0. I guess I’m not yet at the point where I can maintain a faster pace, but still working on it. Or maybe I could have and just didn’t push myself enough? Not sure.
Then it was P90X Legs & Back, my least favorite workout. I modified this quite a bit for gym suitability (no way I’m doing the Groucho walk around in the gym).
A couple of Blogilates videos and a 3-mile walk home.

Saturday – Lots of Heavy Lifting in preparation for the move. That counts as a workout, right?!


Workout(s) of the day

Today I killed it at the gym. KILLED IT. I did Couch to 10K Week 4 Day 1 – I decided to go back and try to pick up speed. And did I ever – I ran the first 2 portions at 6.0, and the last portion at 6.2. Now, the chick on the treadmill next to me was racing away at 7.4, but I’m not going to compare my speed to anyone’s but my own…and for me, this speed.was.awesome. Even if it was just short bursts of running! I could totally handle it.

Then it was time for P90X Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps aka the Most Humbling of All P90X workouts. I lifted heavy today. I did 8 plyo pushups. 8!! Okay they were on my knees but still. That’s awesome for me.

After that, a couple of Blogilates videos (abs and stretching) then a 3-mile walk home. I don’t know where all this energy came from – I was down with a pretty bad cold last week (despite having a green smoothie every day) and did only one half-hearted Core Synergistics workout (It was recovery week). I guess I stored it up?

Today also turned out to be my intermittent fasting day. I was pretty busy with exercise and job-searching so it just kind of happened. No boredom eating today.

So this Couch to 5K program really does work – I never ever thought that I would be a runner. And enjoy it. And try to improve. If you’d like to try it too, head over to KTJ’s Spring Training link-up and join us! I love having internet friends that are interested in fitness – it’s really keeping me motivated.



Weekend Workouts

It’s the weekend! Unexpectedly, I have Monday and Tuesday off (that’s the life of a temp for you) so it’s a long weekend for me!
Yesterday was a 10ish-mile hike in the Angeles National Forest. Since it was a sunny day, I thought the Gabrielino trail would be good since most of it was inside the forest and a lot cooler. It was a lovely hike and a beautiful day! There were a few unshaded portions of the trail which exposed us to stunning vistas like this.

Angeles National Forest

Angeles National Forest

Today I went to the gym and did Couch-to-5K, Week 6 Day 1. I did the running portions at 5.7 on the treadmill! I usually jog at 5.0. I’m very excited to be improving at speed and stamina.  I jumped in at Week 4 since I’d completed this program last summer, and I can still keep up. This Couch-to-5K program works.

Couch-to-5K, Week 6 Day 1

Couch-to-5K, Week 6 Day 1

After my run, I did the Blogilates Stretching video and Blogilates Intense Abs. I will master Intense Abs. I WILL.
I’m still not loving running. But when I’m done with it, I’m happy and energized for the entire day. And I love the feeling of accomplishment.

I think this upcoming 10K will not be the disaster I’m fearing after all!