Blush Challenge – Aromaleigh v.1 Sweetheart

This is the last of my untried blushes – Aromaleigh v.1 Sweetheart.

Aromaleigh Sweetheart swatch

Sweetheart is a deep, cool pink with a bit of shimmer. It’s a very pretty color and it’s going to the front of my blush drawer.

I haven’t been disappointed with Aromaleigh yet. Why did it take me so long to try these blushes? Every color is unique, smooth, blendable, and long-wearing. I can see why peeps were so jubilant when Aromaleigh v.2 opened. This makeup is quality.


Blush Challenge – Silk Naturals Climax

Silk Naturals Climax is another dupe for Nars Orgasm; but you didn’t need me to tell you that since the name makes it pretty obvious.

Silk Naturals Climax in bright sunlight

I wasn’t too terribly impressed with this blush – it’s far too sheer for me. Now, the website does say that it is indeed sheer, and so does the jar, so I should have noticed before purchasing it. I probably should have bought Satisfied instead. On the other hand, this blush is just what I need for days when I wear heavier eye makeup, so it’s a keeper.


Blush Challenge – Aromaleigh Verve

How gorgeous is Aromaleigh Verve?!

Aromaleigh Verve swatch

Very gorgeous. It’s a mauve-ish color with a gold undertone. I piled it on today since I just dyed my hair brown, and I feel like I can wear bolder makeup with brown hair. It looked really, really pretty – fresh and rosy. It stayed put, even though I walked 6 miles today.

I’m bummed it was discontinued. I admit to browsing the blush section of the Aromaleigh website, although clearly I do not need to add to my stash.



Blush Challenge – Aromaleigh Rococo

Here’s a description for Rococo. Since it’s not being sold anymore, I had to really dig for it.

“Rococo” … A clear sweet nectar-hued rouge. Not too peachy, this lovely color has a healthy dose of pink to make it a gorgeous neutral shade that will give your cheeks a naturally flushed appearance akin to that famed “O”… Just gorgeous on everyone!~~

I’ve got a few O dupes – Everyday Minerals Snuggle, Silk Naturals Climax, e.l.f. blusher/bronzer duo, but what’s one more? This color is easy to wear and I feel like it makes me look young and awake.

Aromaleigh Rococo jar

Aromaleigh Rococo swatch

It looks really pigmented in the jar, so I applied it with a loose brush, but I needn’t have worried; it’s a peachy-pink with a bit of sparkle.

I really like this – smooth, blendable, good staying power, not over-the-top with the sparkles so I can wear it to work…pretty much a perfect everyday color.

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Blush Challenge – Everyday Minerals Nick Nack

I think Nick Nack was the first mineral blush I tried. I sampled a lot from Everyday Minerals, and the sample sets included blushes. This blush was just about perfect for a mineral makeup newbie – a neutral, light pink, perfect for a natural flush. I used up a sample jar, and have almost used up a mini jar. In the true spirit of mineral makeup hoarding, I have a full-size jar waiting for me.

Can you see it? No? I can’t either.

But I don’t think I’ll be using the rest of the mini jar, nor will I crack open the full-size. All the bloom is off the EDM rose for me. Compared to the other mineral blushes in my stash, EDM blushes pretty much suck. Nick Nack definitely had a place in my rotation, but the space has now been occupied by Aromaleigh Glazed – also a light, neutral pink.