Weekend Workouts

Folks, we’re getting back to basics here at Blush and Barbells. And that means blogging about my workouts, even if they’re not too terribly exciting.

Saturday, I ran 3 miles on the treadmill. No time for a hike or anything else, really, because we are moving apartments and had to pack.

I’ve slowed waaaaay down, not that I was ever very fast anyway. That’s okay; I’m just glad to get back in the routine of exercising. I stopped for a while because I was working an 80-hr week. I’m back down to 40 hours, but I have a frozen shoulder so I can’t lift weights (more on that later). I got SO HOOKED on the Body Beast program that when I stopped because of a stiff shoulder, I got depressed and lazy and unable to shift all that weight I put on in Mexico.


Easter Sunday was more packing, but I popped on the treadmill again. Quick and easy. Well, not too terribly quick since I’m slow…but it was a nice way to start the day. I needed the endorphin boost! I did Week 2, Workout 1 of the Couch to 10K app. Like I said, I’m getting back to basics!

How was your weekend?


Weekly Workout Wrap-up

I totally stole this idea from someone else’s blog…but I can’t remember which blog it was. If it was yours, THANKS!

Monday – I usually do C210K on Mondays, but after the race on Sunday I wasn’t feeling it. I went to a hatha yoga class at my gym and boy did I need that stretching. Then I did P90X Back&Biceps. I moved the peg down on the assisted pull-up machine, so I’m slowly-but-surely getting stronger.
I skipped abs and walked 3 miles home.

Tuesday – Brazil Butt Lift Bum Bum. If I were doing the entire BBL program, I’d have done another workout along with it, and I just can’t even imagine how. Bum Bum really kicks my Bum Bum.

Wednesday – C210K Week 5, Day 2. I wasn’t feeling it, but somehow I managed to finish it and run at 6.0. The feeling afterward is what keeps me going. Still don’t like running.
Then it was time for P90X Chest, Shoulders, & Triceps (aka the Most Humbling of All P90X workouts). A respectable 10 plyo push-ups (on my knees), but not a lot of progress on the weights or other exercises.
I did a couple of Blogilates videos and took the bus home since it was raining.

Thursday – I did my old Denise Austin yoga/mat pilates workout DVD, an old favorite. I like her baby talk in these two workouts; it makes them seem easier. I also walked ~5 miles.

denise austin

Friday – Back to the gym for C210K, Week 5 Day 3. This was a straight 20-minute run. I put my iPod on the treadmill and watched the Suze Orman Show while running. I started at 6.0, but after 5 minutes dropped down to 5.0. 5 minutes later, I went up to 5.5 for 5 minutes, then I finished out with 5.0. I guess I’m not yet at the point where I can maintain a faster pace, but still working on it. Or maybe I could have and just didn’t push myself enough? Not sure.
Then it was P90X Legs & Back, my least favorite workout. I modified this quite a bit for gym suitability (no way I’m doing the Groucho walk around in the gym).
A couple of Blogilates videos and a 3-mile walk home.

Saturday – Lots of Heavy Lifting in preparation for the move. That counts as a workout, right?!


I love my gym

Today I was pretty grumpy when I got to the gym. Besides me being grouchy, it was hot, HOT outside and I was already sweating, never mind that I took the bus there.

Today was C210K Week 4 Day 3 and since I don’t like running, I was dreading it (I always dread it. I love it when I’m done, but getting to it is always kind of a bummer). And it was Legs&Back day which is never my favorite.

While I was putting my stuff in my locker, my favorite spin teacher (and superstar trainer that I will hire once I win the lotto) stopped to tell me that she noticed how hard I was working earlier this week and that I was doing a great job.


So encouraging! Her words made me pop on the treadmill in a happy mood (ran at 6.0 for all portions), and I really pushed myself on my P90X routine today. I reached for the heavier weights. I moved the pin up on the assisted pull-up machine. I really brought it.


Just another reason why I love my gym. I know a woman whose gym puts posters in the women’s locker room with slogans: “Your Bones Aren’t THAT Big” “Be the Skinny Friend Everyone Hates”. Can you imagine having to see that?! None of that at my gym – the emphasis is on health and having fun while exercising. I just love to be there.
Even when I’m grumpy from the 100-degree weather.


Non-Scale Victories

It’s time for another Non-Scale Victories link-up, hosted by KTJ and Life by Lex


My non-scale victory is the improvement in my running speed! I decided to reverse a couple of weeks in my Couch-to-10K program so I could try to pick up some speed, and I did! Monday I did the all running portions at 6.0, and today I did (most) at 6.2 (I did drop down to 5.5 at the end to catch my breath, but I sped right back up after 2 minutes). I’m excited to see how I do on Friday.

And the biggest victory for me? I’m sticking to the plan even though I don’t even enjoy running! I do it because I like seeing improvements, and I *really* like the feeling I get when I’m done. If I’d known how great running makes me feel when I was in high school, I wouldn’t have gone to such great lengths to get out of PE class.

What’s your non-scale victory this week? Put you link in the comments so I can come check it out!


Workout(s) of the day

Today I killed it at the gym. KILLED IT. I did Couch to 10K Week 4 Day 1 – I decided to go back and try to pick up speed. And did I ever – I ran the first 2 portions at 6.0, and the last portion at 6.2. Now, the chick on the treadmill next to me was racing away at 7.4, but I’m not going to compare my speed to anyone’s but my own…and for me, this speed.was.awesome. Even if it was just short bursts of running! I could totally handle it.

Then it was time for P90X Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps aka the Most Humbling of All P90X workouts. I lifted heavy today. I did 8 plyo pushups. 8!! Okay they were on my knees but still. That’s awesome for me.

After that, a couple of Blogilates videos (abs and stretching) then a 3-mile walk home. I don’t know where all this energy came from – I was down with a pretty bad cold last week (despite having a green smoothie every day) and did only one half-hearted Core Synergistics workout (It was recovery week). I guess I stored it up?

Today also turned out to be my intermittent fasting day. I was pretty busy with exercise and job-searching so it just kind of happened. No boredom eating today.

So this Couch to 5K program really does work – I never ever thought that I would be a runner. And enjoy it. And try to improve. If you’d like to try it too, head over to¬†KTJ’s Spring Training link-up and join us! I love having internet friends that are interested in fitness – it’s really keeping me motivated.