What are “junk miles” and should I even care?

Happy Friday!
I’ve been on a running kick lately – just look:

daily mile

Yesterday was the first day that I’d not run in two weeks. I’ve been aiming for 5 miles a day; the days where I didn’t achieve that were the days where I forgot to increase the treadmill timer from 30 to 60 minutes. Oops.

Apparently – these are “junk miles“! Miles that I run just because I want to run them – no other objective than that. I guess serious runners try to avoid these sorts of runs…but I’m not a serious runner so I’m sticking with my junk miles runs. Here’s why:

  1. Because I can. I’ve never done any sort of running or running program until I turned 40. I’m still amazed that I can run at all! Never mind run 5 miles. Nearly every day! I’m so proud of myself for being able to do that.
  2. A 5-mile run burns about 500 calories. I set my fitbit food plan for a daily deficit of 500 calories, so this works out perfectly.
  3. I have a goal to be always half-marathon ready. And if I can run everyday for 5 miles, I feel like I could definitely run a half marathon. Maybe not at a PR speed, but it would be doable for me.
  4. My soap is about an hour long, so I watch it on the treadmill and get my miles in at the same time. Don’t judge.
  5. I feel great after a run. Those post-workout endorphins are no joke!

Some days I run faster and some days I run slower. But, I’M RUNNING. I haven’t yet run 5 miles EVERYDAY, so that’s my goal for next week. Wish me luck!

What exercise have you been doing lately?



New fitbit!

You guys, I lost my fitbit in December. It just…fell off my wrist. I was bummed, but not terribly so, because my dude has one that he’s never used. So I just swapped them out.

But! His fitbit was faulty! It didn’t sync and the LED lights don’t work. So I abandoned the fitbit idea.  
Since we bought them in 2013, our fitbits were out of warranty…but the nice people at customer service gave me a discount code! 

And here’s my new beauty. 

fitbit flex in violet

I love having a fitbit again. I love tracking steps, calories, weight…I just feel so much more in control over my weightloss and maintenance.

Do you have a fitbit? Let’s be fitbit friends!


Humpday Confessions

I have put on a lot of weight.

humpday confessions - how do i lose the weight I recently put on
Here I am on Saturday, looking thick.

I have no idea how this happened…other than overeating and undermoving, I suppose. I had a goal to have a 26-in waist by Beachbody Summit in July, and when I hit my goal, I totally fell off the clean-eating wagon.

When I got home from Mexico a couple of weeks ago, I popped on the scale and was horrified to find out that I was 155 pounds. I have never weighed that much, even when I was at my Law School Heaviest. And it’s not like I didn’t know I was putting on weight; all my clothes were extremely uncomfortable, especially in the waist.

Fortunately, 5 pounds dropped off quickly (probably because I ran out of Shakeology in Mexico and was a bit…backed up), but I’m still 15 pounds over my ceiling weight of 135. I’m a  only 5′ tall; that’s a lot of weight for me! A LOT OF WEIGHT.

Now, as a Beachbody coach, I tell my customers not to worry about weight. I tell them they should focus on eating properly for their workouts, and the weight will kind of take care of itself. I’m going to try REALLY REALLY hard to follow my own advice, and not focus on the scale.

This is my game plan to get back down to a manageable size (because I had to buy one new pair of jeans in a bigger size AND they’re uncomfortably tight and I’ll be damned if I’m buying anymore)

  • Wear my fitbit again, because I like the motivation to hit my step goal (15k) everyday
  • I started a new round of Body Beast on Monday. The weight’s not going to come off with this workout, but I should drop inches and firm up
  • Eat 40-50% of my calories as protein so I can power through my workouts
  • Start training for the Hollywood Half Marathon in April

Wish me luck! I totally need it because it’s Pumpkin Spice Everything season and I like to eat.

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Vionic 2015 Walkabout Check-in


I’m participating in the Vionic 2015 Walkabout, which is the very easy challenge of walking every day. Every day! Walking is such a simple activity that most people can do regularly. You can participate by signing up here. By signing up, you’re pledging to walk everyday for 30 days, and you’ll receive complimentary three-month subscription to Dr. Weil’s Spontaneous Happiness website. Many years ago I saw Dr. Weil on TV and he emphasized walking to ilemprove health, and it had a big impact on me. So it’s perfect that I’m participating in this challenge.

Here are my stats for last week. I forgot to charge my Fitbit one day…oops!


fitbit, vionic 2015 walkabout


Not bad, not bad at all. Thanks to Vionic for inviting me to this challenge and for sending me these comfy walking shoes so I can get it done!

vionic 2015 walkabout

Do you walk everyday? If not, why not?


Sunday Set Up

I’m shamelessly stealing co-opting this idea from Eat, Run, Repeat.

Here’s her list of Sunday preparations to get ready for the upcoming week, and what I plan to do:

  1. Meal Plan – Since I’m in a hotel, I have to wing this a bit. I’m eating is what’s easy to keep in a tiny hotel room fridge. And I may have other snacks here and there or a meal out occasionally, as long as I’m not eating out every.single.day. I’ll swell and blow up from eating all the sodium in restaurant meals.
    • After workout: Pure Protein shake – the 16-day supply tub is crazy convenient for travel.
    • Breakfast: eggs and cottage cheese at the breakfast buffet
    • Lunch: PB&J and veggies
    • Afternoon snack: protein or nutrition bar (Target had a ton of these on sale so I brought several boxes with me)
    • Dinner: Soup and cheese and crackers
    • Bedtime snack: Shakeology
  2. Workout Plan – I’m really, really trying to get back into running, and I’ve abandoned weightlifting for now since I hurt my shoulder
    • Monday, Wednesday, Friday: P90X3 Pilates (love that workout)
    • Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday: running. I ran 6ish miles today on Paseo de la Reforma and really enjoyed it, so I’ll do it again next week.
    • Every Day: I am also trying to walk at least 15,000 step every day with my FitBit. This should be easy; Mexico City is an extremely walkable city and my office and hotel are in a great location for walking to the Zocalo or the Independence Monument after work. Or both. As long as I get those steps in there.
  3. Grocery shopping – I went to Costco last weekend and got what I needed for ~2 weeks so I’m covered for a while. I’ll probably go back to Costco next weekend and get veggies for one week only, since I don’t really know when the work will be done and I’ll return home.
  4. Chop/Prep – I do this at night. If I chop my veggies all at once, they get slimy and go bad. I make my PB&J at night, too.
  5. Have a great week! This should be pretty easy.

And just so there’s a photo in this post, here’s a shot of the Metropolitan Cathedral that I took yesterday in the afternoon sunshine.

Metropolitan Cathedral, Mexico City

How was your weekend? Do you do anything to prepare for the upcoming week?