What’s in your gym bag?

Good morning!

Here’s my gym bag-I got it at the Fit Expo earlier this year. Thanks BSN!

I carry around my weightlifting gloves (remind me to throw these in the washer)

iPad to stream Beachbody on Demand workouts – I’m doing Body Beast again

My Body Beast worksheets, pen, and a highlighter to cross workouts off the calendar

Towel and water bottle pilfered borrowed from the hotel gym

What’s in your gym bag? 


Sunday Sunday SUNDAY

Today is my first day off in 34 days (not that I was counting with little hash marks at my desk or anything). It’s been a rough couple of weeks, but yesterday it all came to an end (maybe) at 1pm.

After work I met 유씨 and his mom for sushi and then we took her to the airport. I hardly got to see her during her visit! I was hoping that we could have gone to one of those Korean spas where technicians scrape off an entire layer of skin…but alas.

This morning 유씨 and I went to the sweet little gym in our new apartment. I forgot how much I like working out with him. He showed me how to use the squat rack; I showed him how to use TRX. I jogged on the treadmill for 25 minutes (not bad considering I’ve done little else but eat donuts and sit on my bum for 12 hrs a day for the last 4 weeks).
Yesterday when dropped 유씨’s mother off at the airport and I got on the luggage scale…happy to report that no damage had been done in that area. I knew that, of course, because my pants all fit, but I have been feeling loose in the cage.

chewingI managed to get some much-needed grooming in today too. I did my hair (some needed to be colored; some needed to be removed), my nails (tune in tomorrow to see more!) the laundry…just STUFF that had been neglected.

유씨 is going to decide if we should go to the movies or watch the NBA finals and I’m going to call my pops for Father’s Day.

How are you spending the weekend?



I love my gym

Today I was pretty grumpy when I got to the gym. Besides me being grouchy, it was hot, HOT outside and I was already sweating, never mind that I took the bus there.

Today was C210K Week 4 Day 3 and since I don’t like running, I was dreading it (I always dread it. I love it when I’m done, but getting to it is always kind of a bummer). And it was Legs&Back day which is never my favorite.

While I was putting my stuff in my locker, my favorite spin teacher (and superstar trainer that I will hire once I win the lotto) stopped to tell me that she noticed how hard I was working earlier this week and that I was doing a great job.


So encouraging! Her words made me pop on the treadmill in a happy mood (ran at 6.0 for all portions), and I really pushed myself on my P90X routine today. I reached for the heavier weights. I moved the pin up on the assisted pull-up machine. I really brought it.


Just another reason why I love my gym. I know a woman whose gym puts posters in the women’s locker room with slogans: “Your Bones Aren’t THAT Big” “Be the Skinny Friend Everyone Hates”. Can you imagine having to see that?! None of that at my gym – the emphasis is on health and having fun while exercising. I just love to be there.
Even when I’m grumpy from the 100-degree weather.


Gym Stuff

Time for the Spring Training link up hosted by KTJ.


Yesterday I did C210K, Week 6 Day 1. Who did the running portions at 6.0 on the treadmill? This chica right here. It was TOUGH. Which is what I’m aiming for – I want to be sore the next morning. And today am I ever.

Monday is also P90X Chest&Back day. I’m going to have to get to the gym either realllly early in the morning, like at 5am when it opens, or between after 1pm when the morning classes are over, but before the afternoon classes begin. The gym is pretty empty at those times.
If I’m there anytime between, the trainers give me the stink eye when I do my P90X routines. Yes, I know I’m very sweaty and probably smelling none-too-fresh, but isn’t that why I’m there? Just because it’s a ladies’ gym doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be working hard, but the trainers do not seem to be pushing their clients. Maybe they’re afraid of scaring them off? I know a lot of women at my gym do go just to be social -once I saw three elderly ladies on the treadmill pouring Armenian coffee from a thermos into espresso cups.
With saucers.
So, my gym does have an easy-going and fun atmosphere. That’s really why I like it – no pressure or competition. I just gotta stay out of the way of the trainers when they’re working with their clients.


Yesterday’s Workout(s)

Yesterday my fantastic gym was having a party – it was the gym’s 47th anniversary and it was tied in with breast cancer awareness month. So, instead of going to TRX class like I’ve been doing on Mondays, I went to my gym. When I was there I did:  Couch to 5k, Week 1 Day 1 (trying to improve my speed, so I’m starting over); P90X Chest and Back (love doing this at the gym where I can use the assisted pull-up machine); and I went to spin class. After that I walked home.

Here’s my summary for C25K: Not bad, I think, although I ran through a couple of the recovery walks, so I didn’t follow it exactly. I need to learn to trust the program. My goal is a steady 10-minute mile.

Average pace was 12:14 per mile, including walking periods.

It was so much fun at the gym – very festive, even though we were commemorating both the good (gym’s anniversary) and the bad (breast cancer). I think because it’s a women’s gym, breast cancer awareness takes on a new importance.

There was even a DJ!

Hey Mr. DJ play my favorite song