Thirsty Thursday – Protein Shakes


Remember when you were in college or grad school and Thirsty Thursday meant keggers on the quad? Yeah, me too. Never in my life did I imagine Thirsty Thursday would be a blog post about protein shakes because I never thought I’d be someone who’d be into fitness, but here we are.

I’ve been in Mexico for two months now. I brought about 10 pounds of protein powder with me, even though I forgot my sun hat and spare contacts. Priorities!

Here’s what I packed:

My Protein Impact Whey Protein Vanilla Raspberry
I reviewed Impact Whey Protein here – it was a nice gift from a PR company to introduce me to the brand. I didn’t realize it when I received it, but this bag in a smaller size is really handy for travelling. I was drinking this in the morning after my workouts, but I ran out after a month.

Optimum Nutrition casein protein powder in Peanut Buter Chocolate
I only started drinking this¬†Optimum Nutrition casein protein powder when I ran out of whey. Casein is slow-releasing so it’s good at night. It’s not bad-tasting, but casein has a gritty texture. When I drink this at home, I usually add some peanut butter to it to smooth it out.

Shakeology Vegan Tropical Strawberry, Chocolate Shakeology, taking Shakeology to the airport
12-hour days in a foreign country with high altitude – I prepared by bringing two bags of Shakeology. I may or may not have had an extra screening while going through security at LAX (the Vegan Tropical Strawberry bag was already opened), but I guess that’s why I get to the airport early.
I’ve been trying not to eat past 7pm, so I was drinking my Shakeology for dinner.¬† When I ran out of whey protein, I started drinking Shakeology after my morning workout and drinking the casein at night instead. I’m not eating too terribly well here, so I’m glad I have this because I really need the nutrition.
You can buy Shakeology (from me) here.

I also brought my old Hamilton Beach blender with me – it’s not powerful enough to blend in fruit but I do have nice frothy protein shakes.

Do you drink protein shakes? Any recommendations for me?




Magic Bullet

After years of faithful service, my Magic Bullet bit the dust today. I used it several times a day – to blend my coffee with almond milk, to juice broccoli with green tea for a breakfast drink, for my protein shakes…the uses were innumerable. (I didn’t pay no $99 + s&h though; it’s half that at CostCo)

To replace the Magic Bullet, we got a Hamilton Beach Single Serve Blender. $9.99 at Sears! I can’t wait to try it tomorrow. I don’t need all those extra lids and cups and rims that the Magic Bullet offers, so I didn’t need to repurchase it, even though it did work really well.