OPI Hello Kitty Collection – Super Cute in Pink

Good morning!
Last weekend I treated myself to a mani and pedi at a new nail salon in my neighborhood. I’d taken my own polish, but then I saw the Hello Kitty OPI collection on the shelf…
Now, I knew about this collection, but I really have to restrain myself with the Hello Kitty merchandise. I came back from working in Japan with an entire giant suitcase full of Hello Kitty cuteness. So I told myself NO. I do NOT need to buy anymore nail polish, even if it’s Hello Kitty!

But if it’s at the salon, it’s fair game!
This is Super Cute in Pink. It’s bright mauve in a creme/jelly formula.

OPI Hello Kitty Collection - Super Cute in Pink

So bright! So shiny! So…SUPER CUTE!

OPI Hello Kitty Collection - Super Cute in Pink

Alas, the nail technician only applied two coats, and I don’t think it was enough since I have Visible Nail Lines (VNL). I think jelly formula polishes are a bit thinner and need three coats for full opacity.
But, who cares?! It’s Hello Kitty nail polish!

What color is on your nails today?


Wardrobe Wednesday – My Race Day Outfit

Looking back through some of my race day photos, I’ve noticed that I wear the same.exact.outfit each time if the race doesn’t provide a performance tee. See the proof:

Griffith Park 10K

Griffith Park 10K

Run 10 Feed 10

Run 10 Feed 10, Santa Monica

turkey photo

Downtown LA Turkey Trot 10K and 5K

I’m not the most fashionable or creative dresser, so I guess it makes sense I would go for the tried-and-true.
My race day outfit is:

  • Marika tights, purchased from Groupon – I’ve bought other Marika tights from Groupon, but these have a little pocket in front so I can stash my lip gloss lip balm.
  • Nike tech tee – 유씨’s mom brought this back for me from Korea. Now, I will never, ever spend my own money on Nike but I do have to admit it’s a pretty awesome shirt. It dries quickly (I am one sweaty betty), it’s fitted nicely, and it washes clean. If you know of another brand that makes great workout shirts, please tell me!
  • My wrist pocket – I got this at Marshall’s for $5 and I love it. I put my phone and ID in there and it’s just perfect.
  • A hanky – either my lavender bandana or my Hello Kitty hanky. I bought both at Daiso in Osaka many years ago and for ¥100 each they sure have held up nicely.

 Do you have a variety of workout clothes?


If you’re snowed in, you might not realize that summer is on its way! Get ready for shorts and swimsuits with this at-home exercise program.


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Today is my birthday. I am 42 years old and 135 pounds, one year older and the same weight as last year. I’m happy about that because I was afraid I’d baked myself out of my pants over the holidays, but it’s all back to normal now.

Hello Kitty Valentine's Day I am never too old for Hello Kitty

What are your plans for Valentine’s Day? And do these plans involve chocolate of any kind?


Peanut Butter is my Boyfriend

Here is my usual lunch:Hello Kitty sandwich boxPB&J in a Hello Kitty sandwich box. Cuz I’m mature like that.

Trader Joe's natural peanut butterTrader Joe’s has a nice variety of peanut butter. I used to love the one that had added flax seeds, but it hasn’t made a return since it was recalled because of that salmonella crisis a couple of years ago.

Laura Scudder's Old Fashioned All Natural Peanut ButterBecause of the salmonella recall, Costco stocked this instead of their house brand. I used to eat Laura Scudder’s as a kid so it was an acceptable replacement.

Costco Kirkland Natural Chunky peanut butterHowever, Kirkland brand peanut butter at Costco is my absolute favorite. And now it comes in chunky! Before the salmonella scandal, my local Costco only had smooth. If only Costco would make a package with one of each…

As an aside, why should we have to worry about contamination of such an American staple? There is something seriously wrong with food safety in our country.

It’s hardly a coincidence that this is my desktop wallpaper and absolute most favorite painting in the entire world:
George Washington Carver, National Portrait Gallery, peanut butter is my boyfriendIf it weren’t for him, what would American schoolchildren eat instead?!

Chunky or Smooth?

The first Mixed Martial Arts at-home workout!


Sunday Social – Autumn is in the Air!

Even though it was 104F today…

1. What is your favorite fall activity?
HIKING! I cannot wait to get back out there.

Mt. Wilson

Mt. Wilson Trail

2. Do you follow a football team? If so, which one and why?
usc trojans


Me and USC legend RONNIE LOTT!

3. What is something fun about fall in your area?
It’s fun to have 100-degree weather well into October! Not.

4. What are your favorite fall staple outfits?
Since I have a capsule wardrobe, I wear pretty much the same thing all year – jeans or pants with tees or tanks and cardigans. The weight of the clothes changes, but it’s all pretty much the same.

5. What things are his looking forward to most about this coming fall season?
Pumpkin pie, pumpkin spice latte, pumpkin ravioli, pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, pumpkin, pumpkin, pumpkin.
Oh, and that half-marathon in November.

HK pumpkin

Any other pumpkin fans here?