Weekend Shenanigans

Good morning and happy Monday! Here’s my weekend wrap-up, in case anyone is still reading this blog…

Cracked up open this bottle on Friday. This is not the Jose Cuervo we drank in college!

Jose Cuervo Reserva de la Familia extra-añejo tequila

I put this in my hair Saturday morning and left it in all day. My workout partner gave me a couple of sachets of Kiehl’s olive oil deep conditioner. She gets the big tub of it! I might spring for it too and put it into regular rotation.

Kiehl's Fruit Olive Oil Deeply Reparative Hair PakI put this in my hair Sunday morning and left it in all day. I always pick up a few sachets of whatever deep conditioner is on sale at Sally’s, so I’ve got a few to use up. My hair is in rough shape! My goal is to go through my stash, and then start a new one!
180Pro Miracle Damage Eliminator

I went to Costco and stocked up on my veggies for the week – cucumbers, bell peppers, and tomatoes are nice to munch on at my desk. Plus I got blueberries for my Shakeology and oatmeal, and trusty bananas.
CostCo fruit and veggies

And maybe a little something else for the week, too! Yes, I can totally eat 1.87 lbs of cheese in a week.
KerryGold Dubliner cheese

I went to REI and bought some trail runners for the Verdugos 10K I signed up for next weekend. REI ain’t cheap! But they pay their employees well, the employees are very knowledgeable and treat the customers well, so it’s worth it. Plus, I had $30 in dividends to apply to the purchase.

La Sportiva Trail Runners from REI

I spied this top on the clearance rack. It’s a lightweight baselayer that I think will work well as a running top. It’s not like I bought just because of the color or anything…

Lightweight baselayer from R

Now off to work to pay for all these purchases…

How was your weekend?


Happy New Year!

I started the new year with a short hike in the Verdugos. Very short-there was a coyote on the trail so we didn’t make it to the top. No, I didn’t take a photo of the guy-I stared at him for a while trying to figure out if he was a dog off-leash, but his body language sure made it clear human presence was unwelcome!
I’d hoped to see the ocean from the trail since it had been windy and rainy the day before, but no luck. Maybe next time! IMG_6903.JPG IMG_6905.JPG

How was your new year?


Sunday Social – Faves

Peeps, my blogging has been rather sporadic recently, but the least I can do is participate in a Sunday Social!

Social Sunday, A Complete Waste of Makeup

1. Favorite scent
Orange blossom in the spring
orange blossom, spring, scents, southern california

2. Favorite food
I’m so over food lately. You’d think that would translate into a little bit of weight loss, but no.

3. Favorite sound
My purring kitty – it’s especially nice for snuggling and sleeping. I miss her so much.
cute cat hanging out

4. Favorite picture currently on your phone
This photo of me and 유씨 at Teotihuacan from his visit in June
Teotihucan, Temple of the Moon, Temple of the Sun

5. Best memory of the year so far
Hiking with 유씨 when I went home for Labor Day weekend.
Hiking, Verdugos, Beaudry North


 What’s your favorite scent?



Fitness Friday Link-Up

Hola amigos, today I’m linking up with the lovely ALG, Uninterrupted for Fitness Friday.

ALG Uninterrupted

I guess I’ll do a Friday – Friday recap of my workouts.

I was home for the weekend and 유씨 took the day off work, so we went for a nice hike in the Verdugos. We booked the uphill climb, but took our time meandering back down, chatting and enjoying the beautiful morning.
Hiking, Verdugos, Beaudry North

I popped on the treadmill at our apartment gym for 4 miles while catching up on my soaps. This attempt at running was no bueno – I was slow, tired, and had very little stamina.
saturday run
I re-started Couch to 10K for the umpteenth time – I need the run/walk cues and I really want to speed up (I feel like I’ve been saying this for months now, but whatever).  The result was much better than the previous day.
sunday runMonday:
I had more soaps to watch, so another 3 miles on the treadmill.
Monday runTuesday:
I flew back to Mexico City and had no workout. Unless running around the airport counts?

I barely made it to work at 9am – no workout. I slept like a log!

Back with my workout buddies; we drew up a new schedule. Somehow we determined that today was Body Beast Build Legs. OUCH (By the way, Body Beast is on sale for $39.90 this month).
We have a new addition to our Beachbody Mexico City Fit Club and she’s killing it!
Body Beast Build: Legs, Body Beast for women
Friday (today):
My new workout buddy and I split up for cardio this morning – she hit the elliptical and I did Week 1, Day 3 of Couch to 10K. We reconvened for P90X Ab Ripper X. This is probably the best ab workout, ever. Ever!
P90X Ab Ripper X

So those are my workouts for the week – not great, because didn’t start my Body Beast/running/Ab Ripper X schedule until Thursday. I do not operate efficiently without a schedule! Who knows how much longer I’ll be in Mexico City, but I’ll stick to this routine for the next 2-3 months.

What exercise did you do this week? If you need help choosing a routine, let me know!


Friday Five: Five Fitness Goals

Linking up with Eat Pray Run DC (and thank goodness for this because I’ve completely run out of blog post ideas)

Friday Five Fitness Goals

  1. Be half marathon-ready at all times. I think I might be pretty close to this. After all, I didn’t train too much for the Hollywood Half, and I did Not Badly. If I can do at least one 6-mile run a week, I think I can continue to run half marathons Not Badly. How awesome would it be to decide to run a half just like that? But another goal is to
  2. Run a half marathon in 2-ish hours. I did the math and I’d have to run at a ~9 minute/mile pace. I’m not anywhere close to that. So I’ll have to keep training, and work on speed, too. It won’t happen this year, but it will happen.
  3. Hike from a trailhead in Montrose to one in Burbank. I think that’s ~13 miles. At the top of the Verdugos (only ~3 miles up), it’s a pretty flat access road, so this is completely doable. I just have to stop complaining about the heat and get to it.
  4. Hike to Mt. Wilson. This has been a goal for a while now, but I haven’t even been hiking in months. Too hot, boo hoo.
  5. Do an unassisted pull-up. Body Beast is getting me closer to this goal – I moved the pin to 54 lbs on the assisted pull-up machine this week. And then, I moved it to 48 lbs and did 5 more. Slowly but surely, I’m making progress. And losing bra fat. Win-win.

What are your goals?



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