Black Friday / Cyber Mondy Beachbody Sale!

Beachbody Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sale! Now is the time to get started with your exercise goals – don’t wait for the New Year! Or maybe you want to give the gift of health and fitness to someone for Christmas? With prices starting at $9.99, Beachbody exercise programs are life-changing!

beachbody challenge

Here’s a short list of some the incredible sale prices:

  • P90X is $119.85 and it includes a free chin-up bar! If you read my blog you know that P90X is my HG of all exercise programs. This one has really changed my life. This is the original set of 12 DVDs AND P90X+ (DVDs you can swap out for more variety). The exercises vary everyday to get you in shape from head-to-toe. All you need to do is follow the calendar.
  • Insanity Asylum is $89.85 and it also includes a free chin-up bar. I’m tempted by this one myself since I’ve done Insanity a few times – I might be ready for the graduate program. I think it might increase my running speed, too.
  • Turbo Fire Deluxe is $29.95 and it includes a tracker journal- anyone that’s tried to lose weight knows how important it is to keep track. TurboFire comes with 6 DVDs to help you burn fat and calories faster than ever.
  • Tai Cheng for $59.85 – this would be a wonderful gift for someone on your list that is older or injured or wants a non-impact exercise program. This series of DVDs teaches the fundamental 18 moves of Tai Chi
  • Hip Hop Abs Rockin Abs DVD is on sale for a shockingly low price of $9.95

Tons more exercise and skincare items on sale – click here for the complete listing. If I can help you decide on any of these programs or products,let me know!

Happy Exercising!


Fitness Friday – “What’s Your Excuse”?

Maybe I’m a hater, but I kind of understand the sh!tstorm resulting from this photo:

Maria Kang

Yes, Maria Kang is a beautiful woman. Yes, she’s got a smoking hot bod that she should be proud of. Yes, it’s almost unbelievable that she manages to maintain that figure with three small children. No, she absolutely does not deserve the personal attacks I’ve been reading in the blogosphere.

I’m sure she worked incredibly hard to be in that great of shape. She’s probably made all kinds of sacrifices to exercise, eat right, make time for such a healthy lifestyle. But why the word “excuse”?


noun \ik-ˈskyüs\

The word “excuse” is positively loaded with judgment. The implication there is that if anyone that doesn’t look as fantastic as she does, it’s merely because she isn’t trying hard enough. That kind of approach might work for teenage boys that want to make varsity, but in the adult world, there are tons of reasons why we’re overweight, overwhelmed, and kind of pissed off when someone blames it all on our “excuses”. Look, I wake up at 4:30am 6 days a week to work out, and I’m still annoyed with the word “excuse”. Why not caption this photo with “Hard Work”? or “You Can Do It Too!”? or “Living the Best Life I Can”? or even “HaHa, High School B!tches”?

I totally get that this lady is proud of herself – If I were her, I’d be flaunting that figure too. I just don’t know why she has made her accomplishments our failures by suggesting that we don’t have that physique because of an “excuse”. What a great opportunity she had to offer support, encouragement, and solutions.

But never fear, I am here to step into the breach! We all have excuses reasons we don’t exercise, but maybe these options will help you out.


Do you have a workout routine that fits your busy lifestyle? Tell us about it in the comments!


 Don’t forget! P90X Challenge pack is on sale until October 31


Sunday Social

Happy Easter! I hope you are all enjoying this weekend!

Sunday Social

This Week’s Questions:

1. Favorite type of work out to do?


P90X and Insanity

2. Favorite guilty pleasure candy or sweet?

3. What is one thing you continuously forget to do?
If I could remember that I wouldn’t have to answer this.

4. Post-its or phone reminders? Why?
Phone reminders. Post-its get lost.

5. Favorite picture currently on your phone that always makes you smile?


Puroland, October 2006



Sunday Workout – Brazil Butt Lift Bum Bum

This Brazil Butt Lift workout looks pretty silly, doesn’t it they?

BBL Bum BumI haven’t tried many of the other workouts in this 60-day program. Bum Bum, however, is one of my favorite lower body workouts. It’s tough and there are NO BREAKS in this video. Anything that leaves my bum bum and thighs this sore after a short 35-minute workout must be effective. Bum Bum hits muscles that I must not use in hiking, Insanity, or walking.

I followed Bum Bum up with POP Pilates Muffin Top Meltdown. Yowza. POP Pilates workouts are another series that looks deceptively easy, but is actually very challenging!

Have you tried Brazil Butt Lift? What’s your favorite lower body workout?


The Craig David Diet – Day 4

pink tape measure

Girl them inches that you’re carrying
(Just Take Em Off)

I’m down two pounds and an inch off my waist. If it’s because of the Craig David Diet or whatever bug I have, I’ll still take it. I managed to eke out Insanity recovery workout, too. That’s brutal – squat, hold, lunge, hold…ouch.