The Craig David Diet – Day 2

And I woke up absolutely famished. It was tough to get energized for Insanity

Get me outta this chair before I change my mind,
 Instead of me feelin’ sorry for myself,
Gonna get me somethin’…Cuz tonight I’m going ALL THE WAY*

But I got it done. I added in an extra protein shake to get to my target calorie range ~1500. Instead of another salad with lean protein in the evening, I made an egg white omelet with mushrooms, tomatoes, and a bell pepper. There are lots of ways to fresh veggies + lean protein so I don’t get stuck with 2 salads a day. As much as I love spinach, I ain’t Popeye.

Today’s totals are 1,444 calories, 200g protein, 35g fat, 88g carbs.

4 Dec 2012

*lyrics from Friday Night by Craig David’s album Trust Me. Really hoping the line about being out of cigarettes is just for artistic purposes.


The Craig David Diet – Day 1

I started my day with a cup of coffee with almond milk. Not in the diet plan, but whatever. Craig David is British; I’m sure he starts his morning with a cuppa.

protein shakes

Can you fill me up?

I had a busy morning, so I couldn’t follow the regimen exactly today. I had an appointment at 8am, and I didn’t have my first protein shake until 10am. I didn’t bother with Glycomaize because I don’t know what it is, and it sounds expensive.

When I returned from my second appointment at 2pm, I had an apple before doing my Insanity workout (Cardio Circuit today). After Insanity, I had another protein shake and a spinach salad with mushrooms and tomatoes. Craig David eats his green salad with chicken breast, but I ate tuna instead. My second salad was eaten with a Morningstar veggie burger.

Before bed, I had a casein shake. I was low on calories for the day so I put a tablespoon of peanut butter in it. I also added cottage cheese to two of my whey shakes.

It worked out to 1250 calories, 171g protein, 35g fat, and 71g carbs. I don’t think that’s quite enough although I fell pretty full; I think it’s because I ate most of my calories late in the day. I will try to space it out more tomorrow.

3 Dec 2012


WOTD – Insanity Plyo Cardio Circuit

Endorphins! I need ’em.

Between The Holidays and unemployment, I’m a hot mess. Usually one or the other will set me off, but both concurrently is pretty tough. My challenge is to not stuff my fat face comfort eat as I am wont to do when I am stressed and/or depressed. Losing a pants size with Insanity/diet was my original goal, but at this point I’ll be glad to stick to the weight I’m at now.


WOTD – Insanity Plyo Cardio Circuit

Getting through Insanity is kind of psychological. I know I can do it, because I’ve done it before. I’ll have to remind myself of that when I get to the Max workouts in month 2. I remember being horrified that the workouts were an hour instead of 30-40 minutes. That’s a huge difference when it comes to this sort of exercise, or any exercise, really. But! I can do it, because I’ve done it before. Repeat x10.


WOTD – Insanity Pure Cardio

Pure Cardio is my favorite of all the Insanity workouts. I feel like I’m in the scrum with these guys and when they cheer and punch the air, I do it along with the DVD because I’m so excited for this workout!

Pure Cardio seems pretty intimidating because there are no breaks in this workout. But if you break it down, Pure Cardio s really only a 15-minute workout. About 10 minutes for the warm-up, 5 minutes of stretch, 15 minutes of cardio, then another 5 minutes of stretch. Totally doable, right?

Doing Insanity again and seeing how far I’ve come makes me wonder if I could do Asylum. Although if I did, all the bouncing would probably get me evicted from my apartment so maybe not.

 What do you think about the Insanity workout series? What’s your favorite workout?