Workout(s) of the day

Today I killed it at the gym. KILLED IT. I did Couch to 10K Week 4 Day 1 – I decided to go back and try to pick up speed. And did I ever – I ran the first 2 portions at 6.0, and the last portion at 6.2. Now, the chick on the treadmill next to me was racing away at 7.4, but I’m not going to compare my speed to anyone’s but my own…and for me, this speed.was.awesome. Even if it was just short bursts of running! I could totally handle it.

Then it was time for P90X Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps aka the Most Humbling of All P90X workouts. I lifted heavy today. I did 8 plyo pushups. 8!! Okay they were on my knees but still. That’s awesome for me.

After that, a couple of Blogilates videos (abs and stretching) then a 3-mile walk home. I don’t know where all this energy came from – I was down with a pretty bad cold last week (despite having a green smoothie every day) and did only one half-hearted Core Synergistics workout (It was recovery week). I guess I stored it up?

Today also turned out to be my intermittent fasting day. I was pretty busy with exercise and job-searching so it just kind of happened. No boredom eating today.

So this Couch to 5K program really does work – I never ever thought that I would be a runner. And enjoy it. And try to improve. If you’d like to try it too, head over to KTJ’s Spring Training link-up and join us! I love having internet friends that are interested in fitness – it’s really keeping me motivated.



Intermittent Fasting – The Day After

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Last night, I could not sleep for hunger. My stomach was rumbling and I felt nauseous. This morning I scarfed like I was getting paid for it, but when I’d eaten 800 calories by 10am I knew I had to put on the brakes and start moderating again. Trust that I would be the one person to indeed gorge on feast days, despite what the UIC researcher said. This bums me out because I was looking forward to ditch calorie-counting entirely. Alas, it is not to be. Ever.
My total calorie expenditure for the day is ~2400 calories, so I’m capping myself at ~2000.

BUT! as much as I suffered yesterday, I think fasting is worth it. Today I feel incredible. I was full of energy and enthusiasm, instead of moping around because I’m a professional failure funemployed. I went to the gym and did Couch to 10K, Week 5, Day 2, and I did the running portions at 5.7. 5.7!! When I did P90X Shoulders & Arms, I did the same amount of reps that I did last week, but with the next heavier weights. My 3-mile walk home from the gym was at a faster pace than normal.

I don’t know what it is – adrenaline? Lack of food hangover? Who knows. Tomorrow is another IF day and I’m hoping I get used to the hunger, and Friday is another high-energy day.


Intermittent Fasting

I recently watched a BBC documentary called Eat, Fast and Live Longer. (I know, Oxford Comma problems with the title, but we’ll ignore that for now.) This documentary explored the concepts of fasting and severe calorie restriction. Here’s a news article summing it up. If your local PBS is running this program, it’s definitely worth checking out.

The documentary’s presenter came up with a way to combine calorie restriction and fasting based on medical trials at various US universities – five days of feasting, and two days of fasting. On the two fasting days, 25% of calorie expenditure for the day is consumed. That’s probably ~500 calories for a woman. Here is some more information on Alternate Day Fasting (ADF) from the University of Illinois at Chicago.
The presenter, a physician in his mid-50s with high cholesterol and borderline diabetes, along with some family history of cancer. Naturally, he was concerned about his overall health. His results after five weeks of ADF were remarkable.

This system really appealed to me. I have considered full-on fasting before, but have not had the courage to follow through. ADF, however, seems quite manageable. There are a few reasons that I want to try this: both physical and emotional.
Physically, I need to worry about diabetes – it runs deep on both sides of my family and I’ve tested on the high side of normal. My grandfather also had dementia, something mentioned in the documentary. I anticipate living a long life – both of my grannies were quite elderly when they passed – and I want it to be as healthy as possible.  My BMI has been lowered from borderline obese to just plain overweight, but there is still room for improvement there.
Emotionally, I have a food problem. I can’t not eat, even if I’m not hungry. Controlling my appetite is an on-going battle for me. I know the reason for it – childhood food insecurity – but I’m an adult now with full cupboards so it’s time to get over it. Fasting is the discipline I need.

So, I decided to try this today.

9 April 2013

I’m not going to lie, I’m hungry. The early part of the day was okay, since I spaced out the food. I don’t usually eat meals anyway – I graze all day long – so that was fine. I still ate about the same rate, just not the same amount. I even got in a couple of workouts.
But now, I’m quite hungry and feeling a bit loopy. I can last until bedtime, though.

I also thought it was interesting that one of the scientists stated that people need to eat less protein. (He’s a Trojan so I’m sure he’s correct.) That is completely opposite of everything I read relating to exercise and body recomposition, that 50% of calories should come from protein. I think I’ll give it a try though. I stopped eating meat because 유씨 did, and I’m glad for that. We both still eat seafood, but if I don’t need to eat so much protein…I can cut that way back and save it for sushi.

I’m very hopeful for good results from ADF! I’m due for an annual physical, but I’ll hold off for a few weeks to see how my blood work changes from last year.

Wish me luck! And do try to check out this documentary if you’re interested in longevity, health, and weight control.