Body Beast Build: Legs

This morning I felt as if I’d been beat up – my chest, ribs, and arms are KILLING ME. That means I got a good workout yesterday.

Today was Legs. I was dreading it, because P90X Legs&Back never did much for me – I had to make up my own routine at the gym to get that shaky-I-can’t-walk feeling. I think I just didn’t know how to bring it for that workout.

Body Beast Build: Legs

But not with Body Beast – this workout was ridiculous. It’s about 40 minutes, but it took me about an hour because the exercises took me a while, and I had to pause several times during the step-up move. That was nearly impossible for me – I was supposed to step up on the bench while holding weights. This is a very familiar exercise since I used to do this move in my old The Firm videos, but in for Body Beast I had to propel myself up using momentum more than muscles. I think the bench was just too tall for me. For the guys in the video, the bench came just below their knees, but for me, it was higher than my knees. Next time I do this legs DVD, I’ll take down my old Fanny Lifter and use that.

Today’s weights were 10-, 12-, 15-, 20-, and 25 pounds. The heavier weights were fine for squats at the start of the workout, but I dropped waaay down for the lunges. I also couldn’t quite figure out how to do the deadlift with the barbell between my legs. I couldn’t figure out how to do it with just dumbbells, either. I’ll have to work on that.

I was hoping to get in a short run today, but that’s just not happening. I will just pop on the treadmill for a walk so I won’t be super-duper sore tomorrow.

Over all, this was a great leg workout. My legs are the flabbiest, most unattractive part of my body so they need the most work. Yes, I know, you can’t spot-reduce, but I’m still hopeful that when I finish Body Beast I won’t be embarrassed to wear shorts. Maybe.



Weekly Workout Wrap-up

I totally stole this idea from someone else’s blog…but I can’t remember which blog it was. If it was yours, THANKS!

Monday – I usually do C210K on Mondays, but after the race on Sunday I wasn’t feeling it. I went to a hatha yoga class at my gym and boy did I need that stretching. Then I did P90X Back&Biceps. I moved the peg down on the assisted pull-up machine, so I’m slowly-but-surely getting stronger.
I skipped abs and walked 3 miles home.

Tuesday – Brazil Butt Lift Bum Bum. If I were doing the entire BBL program, I’d have done another workout along with it, and I just can’t even imagine how. Bum Bum really kicks my Bum Bum.

Wednesday – C210K Week 5, Day 2. I wasn’t feeling it, but somehow I managed to finish it and run at 6.0. The feeling afterward is what keeps me going. Still don’t like running.
Then it was time for P90X Chest, Shoulders, & Triceps (aka the Most Humbling of All P90X workouts). A respectable 10 plyo push-ups (on my knees), but not a lot of progress on the weights or other exercises.
I did a couple of Blogilates videos and took the bus home since it was raining.

Thursday – I did my old Denise Austin yoga/mat pilates workout DVD, an old favorite. I like her baby talk in these two workouts; it makes them seem easier. I also walked ~5 miles.

denise austin

Friday – Back to the gym for C210K, Week 5 Day 3. This was a straight 20-minute run. I put my iPod on the treadmill and watched the Suze Orman Show while running. I started at 6.0, but after 5 minutes dropped down to 5.0. 5 minutes later, I went up to 5.5 for 5 minutes, then I finished out with 5.0. I guess I’m not yet at the point where I can maintain a faster pace, but still working on it. Or maybe I could have and just didn’t push myself enough? Not sure.
Then it was P90X Legs & Back, my least favorite workout. I modified this quite a bit for gym suitability (no way I’m doing the Groucho walk around in the gym).
A couple of Blogilates videos and a 3-mile walk home.

Saturday – Lots of Heavy Lifting in preparation for the move. That counts as a workout, right?!


P90X Legs & Back workout today

This is not my favorite of the P90X videos. The people in this video don’t seem to like each other too much, and Tony Horton just talks way too much in this one, even though I typically enjoy Hortonisms. I can do this video in 35 minutes using the P90X book instead of the video. That’s a LOT of chatting time.

I did this at home today instead of at the gym. The legs portion is hard to do since there is limited floor space for stuff like Siebers speed skaters, and also because I’m trying to do kipping pull-ups now, and that’s kind of embarrassing to do in public.

I found this YouTube video explaining how to do them.

Basically, it’s using momentum to get my chin up to the bar. I can make it about half-way if I kip, so I’m feeling like I’m making some progress.