Quick and Easy Makeup Tips for Busy Women

Good morning, peeps! As you can tell by the dearth of recent posts, I’ve been go, go go! lately. How does a girl keep herself looking good with little spare time? Finding time to glam yourself up can be an uphill struggle for busy women. Here are some handy tips that will help you incorporate your beauty routine into your busy schedule.


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Get organized

You can achieve a fast, flawless look if you establish a little bit of order to your makeup regime. Dedicate a station in your bathroom, bedroom, or wherever is most convenient to do your makeup. Ideally the station will include your makeup kit, a mirror, a seat, and a clock. Your station should be neat and tidy so that you can find everything quickly and easily. The night before, make sure that you have everything you need at your station to avoid wasting precious time searching for missing items. I like to put out my makeup the night before, just like I do with my clothes.

Makeup on the move

It is a good idea to have two makeup kits; one that stays at home and a portable one. This means that if you don’t have time in the morning to apply your makeup, you can do it during your commute (assuming you’re not driving!) or when you get to work. This does not have to mean spending lots buying two of everything. Think about what you will need in your portable kit. You may need to apply moisturizer and mascara after being at the gym, but you will not need to bring your entire post-workout skin care kit. You will save money if you purchase a selection of miniatures, like a miniature comb, for your portable kit. Personally, I buy minis for the cute factor, but they really are handy, too!



Pare down your makeup kit

Most women will have hundreds of unused eyeshadows, lipsticks and nail polishes in various locations around the house. It is a better idea to have a small number of good quality essentials rather than a large number of cheap and nasty products. You can purchase good quality makeup here or ask friends for recommendations. Dedicate some time to sorting through your makeup and get rid off all the items that are old or that you do not plan to use.  I just did that this week and I’ve way pared down my stash. Once you have done this, think about your makeup routine and whether there is anything you can comfortably omit. You may be stuck in a makeup rut, having done the same routine for years. Why not try doing things a little different – it might just save you time and money. Makeup shops and department stores often offer free makeovers. At the very least, the makeup assistants may be able to offer you advice on how you can streamline your makeup routine.

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Long-term makeup

You could cut out (most of) your makeup routine altogether if you invest in long-term makeup. To do this, you should book an appointment with a professional beautician who can tint your eyelashes and eyebrows. The tinting will last for over a month. I’ve had my lashes professionally tinted, and I do my brows at home. There are now nail polish products available that last for two weeks or more without chipping. Again, you should visit a beauty salon to get this done. Although this might be expensive in the short-term, in the long-term this could save you money and, of course, time. And time = money!

What do you do to streamline your morning routine? Any more tips for us?


2014 – Starting as I mean to carry on

Happy New Year!

Today I slept in a bit, and was woken up by the stealth bomber flying over my neighborhood en route to the Rose Parade. Last year , we saw it while hiking. So exciting!

The Workout of the Day was Insanity Pure Cardio and Cardio Abs.
Insanity, Shaun T
Pure Cardio is probably my favorite workout DVD of all time. I reviewed it here. My sister did it with me last week – I think she’s a fan now too.

I also washed all of my makeup brushes, gave myself a chemical peel, laid out my work clothes, and packed tomorrow’s lunch (PB&J and raw veggies for snacking). I am starting the new year as I mean to carry on, with good habits and organization.
Now if only I could off the internet and get to bed for a 5am wakeup.

What’s your plan for the new year?


Makeup Organization before and after

For my birthday, 유씨 gave me some acrylic makeup organizers.

Here’s the set up I had before:

org - before

Here it is with these sweet acrylic drawers:

org - after

Much neater, more organized, and easier to see what I actually have (a whole heck of a lot, as it happens).

There wasn’t room for the nail polish in this set up, so I moved it to my vitamin shelf:

org - nail polish

With all these colors, I really have to wonder why I’m not wearing nail polish every single day. I’m going to work on that – I love having painted nails and I clearly have a lot of choices!


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Today is my birthday. I am 41 years old and 135 pounds. I’d like to subtract 10 from one of those figures, but I’ll let you guess which.


For my birthday and Valentine’s Day, 유씨 gave me a lighted vanity mirror, and some acrylic cosmetic organizers. A man who understands my makeup obsession – he’s a keeper. (No links because I don’t want to be tacky and look it up.)

What did you do for Valentine’s Day?