Lucy Minerals

Remember that Lucy Minerals sale I posted about a couple of weeks ago?
Here it is, prettily wrapped like the beautiful present it is.



What I ordered:

  • Lucy Essentials 3D Fiber Lashes (that’s in the sleek black case; review coming soon)
  • Finishing Powder in the Oil Control with Silica formula (I got three of these; I am not ashamed to stockpile!)
  • Ambrosia Sweet Dreams Beauty Oil (HG product for sure)
  • Ambrosia Lip Balms in Sienna Shimmer

Crazy haul for only $50! If you missed the sale, don’t worry because Lucy Minerals runs specials all the time; just follow the company on Facebook.

Makeup Monday
Have you hauled recently?


My Stash of Finishing Powders

As an oily gal, I definitely need to have a finishing powder on top of my base makeup – mineral or liquid. A good finishing powder really does set my foundation and helps keep it from melting away.

Here is what’s in my stash of finishing powders:


1. Silk Naturals Liberty Golden Perfecting Glow: Liberty is a shimmery golden finishing powder. This is probably too shimmery for me with my oily skin. It’s absolutely gorgeous though, and I do like to brush some on top of my cheeks or on my nekkid eyelids. This would work really well as an all-over face powder for someone with drier skin.

2. Silk Naturals Perfecting Powder: The name pretty much sums it up – this is a translucent finishing powder that really makes my skin seem smooth and soft. It’s got a matte finish with a bit and there is a vegan formula too!

3. Lucy Minerals Finishing Powder – Oil Control Silica formula: My HG finishing powder. I’ve got back-ups of my back-ups in case it ever gets discontinued, which is probably unnecessary because a little bit of this goes a l-o-n-g way, even for me who reapplies several times a day. It’s smooth and soft and doesn’t feather or crease in my T-zone. Best of all, it’s oil-control without making my skin feel tight and dry. It’s pretty much magical. Keep your eyes on Lucy Minerals’ Facebook page for flash sales if you want to try this out.

4. Aromaleigh Peaches & Cream Ultra Resolution Finishing Powder: I love the smooth and silky texture this gives my skin. This finishing powder has a pale pink tint and a lot of glimmer that give my skin a soft-focus look. It’s on sale this week…I might try English Rose next.

5. Everyday Minerals Sunlight Finishing Dust: I bought this feeling nostalgic for the old Cornsilk powder I used as a teenager. I like that this yellowish powder tones down the redness in my face. But! Dust is the operative word here. This powder seems to get stuck in my eyebrows and on the peach fuzz on my cheeks, making me look, well, dusty. I generally use this only after some depilatory action.

What’s your favorite finishing powder?


Done with my blush challege

I started out with 44 blushes in my stash, but I decided not to try them all out. There were a few in there that I just did not want to use, so…I didn’t. They’ve been tossed or given away. I have pared down to 18. Still seems like a lot; I wonder how I ever got to 44 in the first place? Why/how did I become a makeup collector? And mineral makeup at that – it lasts for-positively-ever. I seem to remember a time when I had TWO blushes – a warm and a cool and that seemed to suffice. I cannot imagine I’ll get back to that simplicity any time soon since I pretty much have a lifetime’s supply.

I feel a bit overwhelmed with my makeup stash, so I might try testing/clearing out my lipsticks like I did my blush. Maybe eyeliners and eye shadows too. Gotta have a goal.


Blush Challenge – Lucy Minerals Petal

I’m not sure why I don’t use Lucy Minerals Petal blush more.

Lucy Minerals Petal blush

This is a warm, dark pink with a bit of shimmer to keep it from being flat and matte. This is a pretty color that should be in every woman’s collection. I wore it today with no eye makeup and a sheer pink gloss. I think it was a nice look.

It looks very pigmented in the jar, but it’s sheer, smooth and blendable. Lucy Minerals is quality stuff.


Blush Challenge – Aromaleigh Nectar; Aromaleigh DewDrop Foundation

Today I went for a more simple look, mainly because I was running late.

So pretty!

Another winner from Aromaleigh (why haven’t I been using these blushes all along?!). This is the perfect everyday blush. A bit pink, a bit peach, not a lot of shimmer but enough so that it’s not matte. Unfortunately Nectar was discontinued, but Aromaleigh is rolling out more old favorites so it might make a comeback. It should make a comeback; this sort of color is a staple in the makeup bag of every fair- or light- complected woman.

I also wore Aromaleigh Dewdrop foundation in 2Y. Now, I never thought I’d be someone to wear a foundation for dry skin, but Retin-A, recirculated office air, and Santa Ana winds made my face feel kind of tight the last few days. Or maybe it’s just normal but I’m used to being an oil slick. Anyway, I have mad love for this foundation, even more than I liked Gossamer. Dewdrop is smooth. I have giant pores and a few pits, but Dewdrop just glided over, where as most foundations settle in a bit even with primer. No breakthrough shine either, nothing to make me feel like I’m oily. I didn’t even blot today! I’m waiting for this to go on sale and I’m snapping it up. (I did say I’m cheap)

When I got home from work, I did Insanity Cardio Power and Resistance. I held back a bit, because it was a lot of jumping and I’m afraid of the downstairs neighbor complaining again. It’s also pretty tough to exercise after work, but I got it done.