Sunday Set Up

I’m shamelessly stealing co-opting this idea from Eat, Run, Repeat.

Here’s her list of Sunday preparations to get ready for the upcoming week, and what I plan to do:

  1. Meal Plan – Since I’m in a hotel, I have to wing this a bit. I’m eating is what’s easy to keep in a tiny hotel room fridge. And I may have other snacks here and there or a meal out occasionally, as long as I’m not eating out I’ll swell and blow up from eating all the sodium in restaurant meals.
    • After workout: Pure Protein shake – the 16-day supply tub is crazy convenient for travel.
    • Breakfast: eggs and cottage cheese at the breakfast buffet
    • Lunch: PB&J and veggies
    • Afternoon snack: protein or nutrition bar (Target had a ton of these on sale so I brought several boxes with me)
    • Dinner: Soup and cheese and crackers
    • Bedtime snack: Shakeology
  2. Workout Plan – I’m really, really trying to get back into running, and I’ve abandoned weightlifting for now since I hurt my shoulder
    • Monday, Wednesday, Friday: P90X3 Pilates (love that workout)
    • Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday: running. I ran 6ish miles today on Paseo de la Reforma and really enjoyed it, so I’ll do it again next week.
    • Every Day: I am also trying to walk at least 15,000 step every day with my FitBit. This should be easy; Mexico City is an extremely walkable city and my office and hotel are in a great location for walking to the Zocalo or the Independence Monument after work. Or both. As long as I get those steps in there.
  3. Grocery shopping – I went to Costco last weekend and got what I needed for ~2 weeks so I’m covered for a while. I’ll probably go back to Costco next weekend and get veggies for one week only, since I don’t really know when the work will be done and I’ll return home.
  4. Chop/Prep – I do this at night. If I chop my veggies all at once, they get slimy and go bad. I make my PB&J at night, too.
  5. Have a great week! This should be pretty easy.

And just so there’s a photo in this post, here’s a shot of the Metropolitan Cathedral that I took yesterday in the afternoon sunshine.

Metropolitan Cathedral, Mexico City

How was your weekend? Do you do anything to prepare for the upcoming week?



Pure Protein Review

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, or if you follow me on Twitter, you already know that I love Pure Protein bars. Love love love. Why wouldn’t I?! Low in sugar, high in protein, tasty, portable…Pure Protein bars are my perfect emergency snack. They’re great for non-emergencies, too!

So when Pure Protein offered to send me a package of goodies, it wasn’t like I was going to refuse. Here’s what came in the mail:


Now obviously I’m working in Mexico for a few weeks, but the package arrived the week that 유씨 came for a visit, so he very kindly toted the bars in his bag and brought them on down. The Double Chocolate Vanilla Crunch made an appearance at the Teotihuacan pyramids. I always take a Pure Protein bar on my hikes.

I haven’t previously tried the powder or shakes, but I love the array of convenient options for getting in some sweet-tasting protein without a lot of sugar. 유씨 is scheduled for a visit in a few weeks and he’ll bring the powder along then – I’m excited for the Mixed Berry flavor! I bet it’s even better with a spoonful of peanut butter in it…
유씨 drank the pre-made shakes and assured me that they’re tasty and ridiculously convenient. Just toss the bottle in your bag and your protein shake is ready when you are.

I usually buy Pure Protein bars at Target or CostCo and I’m digging the new flavors that have been released. You can check out Pure Protein’s line-up of products on their website.

Thanks again, Pure Protein, for sending me these goodies! 유씨 and I appreciate and enjoyed them!

How do you get protein? Have you tried Pure Protein products?


My hiking gear

Here’s what I take when I go hiking:

Hiking gear


  • Camelback (a surprise from 유씨, and of course in purple)
  • Neutrogena Pure & Free Baby Sunscreeen Lotion SPF 60+
  • Yes To Cucumbers Face Cleanser Towelettes (I wipe my face and reapply sunscreen when I take my pb&j break)
  • DialAntibacterial Gel Sanitizer
  • Ricola Natural Herb Cough Drops (It takes a while for me to get my breathing steady, so these help avoid a dry mouth)
  • Trusty pb&j, a bit smashed from getting stuffed behind the camelback
  • Emergency Pure Protein bar (in case the pb&j isn’t enough)
  • Spare iPhone battery

Not Pictured:

  • Mini Babybel cheese (I’d already eaten it)
  • Kleenex (no one needs to see that)
  • ID and credit card (in case of shopping opportunities? IDK)
  • Hello Kitty hankie (I totally forgot it)

Today I decided to go up a trail and down another like I did last week. I started at the Beaudry Loop and finished at Brand Park. The Brand Park Motorway was not the prettiest route I’ve taken.

Brand Motorway

Brand Motorway

Now, I’m not expecting abundant natural beauty from an access road, but this was just not nice at all. There was rubble everywhere, and the bottom half of the trail was gravel.
I’m a little disappointed that I signed up for the 10K trail run on this very unattractive stretch of the Verdugos. That will be the absolute last time I traverse the Brand Motorway. On the bright side, this trail inspired me to run as fast as possible so I could be done with it.

Total mileage today was 9.3. Not bad, not bad at all.