Monday Manicure – Avon Celestial

Avon Celestial nail polish swatch

This is three coats of Avon Celestial from the Cosmic collection. $2 from the outlet section of the website! How could I resist?
It’s really a gorgeous color – kind of teal, kind of mint green – with flashes of pink sparkles. I know, I know, I need an actual camera and not my phone for better photos, but this will have to suffice.

I’m happy to say that this polish lasted 5 days without chipping. I used Orly Bonder, a coat of polish, Orly Bonder, two more coats of polish, and Orly Won’t Chip top coat. Sounds like a lot, but Silk Naturals All Set Drying Drops saved the day and I was ready to go in less then 10 minutes.
I also attempted to wrap my tips – that is, to put polish on the top edge of my nail so that the manicure would last longer. I haven’t got a lot of tip to wrap, true, but I think it made quite a difference in the longevity of this manicure. I’m usually happy when I get 2 days without any tip wear or chipping, so 5 days is phenomenal.

What do you think about this color? Have a great week!


My Stash of Finishing Powders

As an oily gal, I definitely need to have a finishing powder on top of my base makeup – mineral or liquid. A good finishing powder really does set my foundation and helps keep it from melting away.

Here is what’s in my stash of finishing powders:


1. Silk Naturals Liberty Golden Perfecting Glow: Liberty is a shimmery golden finishing powder. This is probably too shimmery for me with my oily skin. It’s absolutely gorgeous though, and I do like to brush some on top of my cheeks or on my nekkid eyelids. This would work really well as an all-over face powder for someone with drier skin.

2. Silk Naturals Perfecting Powder: The name pretty much sums it up – this is a translucent finishing powder that really makes my skin seem smooth and soft. It’s got a matte finish with a bit and there is a vegan formula too!

3. Lucy Minerals Finishing Powder – Oil Control Silica formula: My HG finishing powder. I’ve got back-ups of my back-ups in case it ever gets discontinued, which is probably unnecessary because a little bit of this goes a l-o-n-g way, even for me who reapplies several times a day. It’s smooth and soft and doesn’t feather or crease in my T-zone. Best of all, it’s oil-control without making my skin feel tight and dry. It’s pretty much magical. Keep your eyes on Lucy Minerals’ Facebook page for flash sales if you want to try this out.

4. Aromaleigh Peaches & Cream Ultra Resolution Finishing Powder: I love the smooth and silky texture this gives my skin. This finishing powder has a pale pink tint and a lot of glimmer that give my skin a soft-focus look. It’s on sale this week…I might try English Rose next.

5. Everyday Minerals Sunlight Finishing Dust: I bought this feeling nostalgic for the old Cornsilk powder I used as a teenager. I like that this yellowish powder tones down the redness in my face. But! Dust is the operative word here. This powder seems to get stuck in my eyebrows and on the peach fuzz on my cheeks, making me look, well, dusty. I generally use this only after some depilatory action.

What’s your favorite finishing powder?


Manicure Monday – Ombre Nails

I’m about a year behind on this trend, but when I saw a box set of polish with an ombre nails tutorial, I thought it looked pretty easy!

Step 1 – I gathered my equipment:


  • Orly Bonder base coat
  • Orly Won’t Chip top coat
  • Zoya Caresse
  • Zoya Mimi (sparkly purple)
  • Avon Luxe Lavender
  • Silk Naturals All Set drying drops
  • Nail polish remover
  • Q-tips
  • and the connecting piece that comes with cosmetic sponges. Perfect because it’s curved and would have otherwise been chucked. No need to waste a perfectly good sponge.

Step 2 – I put on Orly Bonder base coat.

Step 3– I painted strips of polish on the sponge in the order I wanted them on my nails.


Step 4 – I pressed the sponge against my nails.


Step 5 – Repeat steps 3 and 4 a couple of times.

Step 6 – Top off with Orly Won’t Chip and drizzle Silk Naturals All Set drying drops over nails.

Step 7 – Clean up that mess around the nail bed! No easy task.

And you’re done!

Some things to keep in mind while doing this:

  • Don’t press the sponge too hard otherwise the polish soaks into it. Just kind of dab it on.
  • Instead of putting polish directly on the sponge, I’ll put it on a piece of foil so it wouldn’t all get soaked up, then get the polish from the foil.
  • I might put oil or scotch tape around my nail bed next time to avoid that mess. Everything else about this manicure was super-duper easy.
  • This is so much easier than painting my nails – if it’s uneven, who cares, it’s supposed to look that way!
  • And the best part of this method? When the polish starts to chip, just sponge on some more. Perfect! I can get a week out of this!

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Have a great week!


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Monday Manicure – Avon Speedy Dry in City Navy

I was a tiny bit disappointed in Avon Speed Dry in City Navy – it’s a bit more purple than I would have liked. Still, I really like this inky shade.


This is three slap-dash coats with messy cuticles and all. That’s the real problem with dark nail colors – every.single.mistake is really visible. Still, the polish on the skin tends to wash off so I won’t worry about it too much.


I didn’t notice that it dried any faster than other polishes, but maybe I should have skipped the top coat and Silk Natural Drying Drops to really test it.


Manicure Monday – China Glaze Frostbite

China Glaze FrostbiteĀ is by far the thinnest polish I have ever used. The consistency was like water. I applied four coats. Four coats! Still, I love the bright blue and the silver flashes.


My mani brightens up my dreary work day

I used a coat of Orly Bonder, two coats of China Glaze Frostbite, another coat of Bonder, another two coats of China Glaze Frostbite, and a top coat of Orly Won’t Chip. Phew! With all that product on my nails, I was afraid it would never dry. But, Silk Naturals All Set Drying Drops to the rescue and the manicure was solid in about 10 minutes.
I was also worried about bubbling or denting, but no, it’s pretty smooth.

Happy Monday! How was your weekend?